Apple store employees are organizing via Android to have a union

Deepak Gupta February 22, 2022
Updated 2022/02/22 at 12:57 AM

It’s not all juicy apples in the tech giant’s orchard, apple. The company that owns the iPhonethe world’s most popular smartphone and valued at $3 trillion, appears to be in pretty bad shape for its retail associates.

Employees of the more than 270 stores that are on American soil – more than half of the 500 stores that the company has around the world – complain about low salaries, which do not match the current inflation, among other demands regarding the work environment that Apple offers. For these reasons and because the company does not give a satisfactory answer, they are organizing themselves and starting the unionization process.

Apple Store employees unionize

According to a report by The Washington Post, employees – who are paid per hour worked – are discreetly organizing themselves to formalize unionization. At least two groups from two Apple retail stores have already prepared the documentation and are supported by the National Labor Relations Board (National Labor Relations Council) to take the next step and have their demands discussed with the support of a body specialized in this type of action. There are at least half a dozen other groups that are also entering this process, but at less advanced stages.

Union membership in the United States has been at a low for many decades. As the greatest representative of world capitalism, many sectors managed to articulate so that the unions were extinguished or had a very small participation in the routine of their employees. But for a few years, unions – Union – have gained more visibility and engagement among the American labor force.

More than 80 Starbucks locations recently applied to unionize. This happened after the first store took the initial step, which resulted in a successful vote in December. Other big companies that had a similar movement on the part of the employees were the Activision Blizzard – with the formation of the union Game Workers Alliance -, the REI retail store and even Google.

Still according to The Washington Postwhat happens in these cases is that there is repression within the company itself, with managers spying on employees and employees with higher positions trying to dissuade others from joining unions.

Afraid of retaliation, employees are meeting in secret and communicating through encrypted messages using smartphones running the operating system. androidcompetitor of iOS of Apple, with this they hope to avoid possible espionage on the part of the company.

And it’s not as if Apple can’t meet those demands – especially since more than a third of the company’s revenue is generated by these stores. Retail sales accounted for 36% of the company’s total revenue of $366 billion in fiscal 2021.

If the richest company in the world doesn’t pay its workers enough to live on, who will?” said Cher Scarlett, a software engineer who — she said — was fired from the company in retaliation for encouraging employees to share their pay in a survey to expose potential pay gaps hurting underrepresented groups.


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Source: The Washington Post

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