Apple to equip the iPhone 15 Pro with BOE displays

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 24, 2022
Updated 2022/01/24 at 6:49 PM

THE apple, as well as part of the cellphone industry, is seeking reduce your reliance on high-quality displays from Samsung Display a few years ago, but only the South Korean company is currently able to manufacture screens with the desired quality for iPhone. Because of this, the Cupertino giant has been negotiating with companies such as LG and BOE Displays to use screens from these companies in the future, with the last company being rated to provide the displays of the future iPhone 15 Pro.

Currently the BOE already supplies OLED screens to be equipped in ‘base’ models of the series iPhone 13, but the company is looking to evolve and start equipping its panels in models iPhone Pro. For that she is improving your manufacturing process aiming to provide displays to equip the models iPhone 15 Pro.

With its new refined process, the Chinese manufacturer hopes to achieve a good yield and Ability to provide high quality LTPO OLED displays with dual stack structure, which extends the life of the OLED. THE apple is seeing with good eyes these changes in the BOE, hoping to find in it a way out of its dependence on Samsung Display.

Credits: Apple Disclosure

However, the agreement between the companies is not yet closed, but everything indicates that the Chinese manufacturer is close to being able to close a deal with the Cupertino giant. Currently the BOE has already managed to sell something between 15 to 16 million units of its displays at apple, something far superior to what she had initially anticipated.

iPhone 15 Pro with 5x zoom

In addition to the possible exchange of displays, rumors also claim that the future smartphone will have a 5x optical zoom, with components from the Chinese Lante Optics. The periscope-type lens has its name inspired by the periscopes of submarines, since the principle of capturing the image is the same. As with the submarine tool, the periscopic lens captures the image through a mirror positioned at 45 degrees. The light is reflected by this mirror, passes through the internal lens responsible for the optical zoom and finally “hits the sensor”. This type of lens allows you to maintain quality by enlarging the image., unlike digital zoom.

The renowned analyst Jeff Pu stated that the apple will decide on the use of the lenses in the iPhone 15 Pro until May of this year. If you approve the technology, the Lante Optics will have to manufacture more than 100 million lenses for the Cupertino giant. If apple approve the lenses, this will be the second big change in the camera of the iPhone in two years (if you can prove the new 48 MP main lens).


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Source: GSMArena, The Elec

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