Apple wants to ban the importation of Ericsson equipment in the United States

Deepak Gupta January 20, 2022
Updated 2022/01/20 at 11:27 PM

THE Ericsson entered a legal battle against the apple alleging an alleged infringement by the manufacturer of the iPhone in 12 patents related to 3G/4G/5G. Responding to this, the Cupertino giant also filed a lawsuit against the Swedish company, asking the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) that the importation of technologies from the Swedish company to the USA is prohibited.

This dispute between the companies took place after the apple have used patents from Ericsson LTE in appliances iPhone for years, but with the contract between them close to expiring, problems began. In October of last year, the Ericsson stated that the US company was not accepting the proposed renewal agreement of the contract to use the patents, supposedly to devalue the company’s technologies.

In defence, the manufacturer of iPhone claimed that the Swedish manufacturer was trying to get the company to accept the deal by “force”. yesterday to Ericsson filed lawsuits against the apple in two new juries over the use of its patents, but now the US has responded with a contraction asking for a ban on the importation of mobile base station equipment from Ericsson in the US for infringing their patents.

Credits: Playback / GSMArena

THE apple alleges to United States International Trade Commission (ITC) that Ericsson infringed your technology patents mmWave. Along with that, the company also states that it wants the court to rule on fair licensing fees for the patents being disputed, where the Ericsson I was asking $5 a piece.

However, in the process, Cupertino giant says it is open to dropping its charges if the competitor also agrees to do the same, however the Swedish company has not yet responded to this action.

Apple vs Epic

This action carried out by Ericsson may have an effect on the legal battle between the Epic Games and the apple, that’s because it showed its patent deals as a justification for being able to charge 30% of revenue from developers. However, as pointed out by the current lawsuit, the company pays less than 1% to license the patents to manufacture its smartphones and gadgets.

Currently the epic is appealing against decision in favor of Apple which was given in September of last year by the jury.


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Source: GSMArena, patents

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