Apple Watch: Set up via configuration

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 9, 2022
Updated 2022/01/09 at 6:55 AM

To a Set up your Apple Watch In the best case scenario, you will need an iPhone with the latest software update and the watch itself. Other technical devices are not necessary, as the devices will pair almost automatically.

Set up Apple Watch: Here’s how

First of all, a connection must be established between your iPhone and your Apple Watch. To do this, turn on both devices and activate WiFi and Bluetooth.

Now open the “Watch” app on your iPhone, in which you can control the functions of the Apple Watch. Click on “Start pairing” and place the clock near the iPhone’s camera for successful pairing. If your iPhone does not recognize the clock, try again or click on “pair manually”.

If the pairing was successful, you can now click on “Configure Apple Watch” in the app. After you’ve gone through the Terms of Service, sign in to the watch with your Apple ID. You can then set up your Apple Watch by asking if you want to enable features like Siri or location services. You can also store a code here, but there are still some helpful tips when setting up the Apple Watch.

Detailed setup in the watch app

After the pairing, the settings of your iPhone will first be adopted, then you can download additional apps and adjust the settings. To be able to pay with your Apple Watch, you can set up Apple Pay. If you have an Apple Watch Cellular, you can also link it to your cellular network.

Your Apple Watch will now begin synchronizing. All the data on your iPhone is transferred to your watch so that you don’t have to save contacts and view your photos. For this process, your iPhone should be close to your Apple Watch so that the synchronization is not canceled. It may take some time for the procedure to be completed. However, depending on how much data is on your iPhone, it should take a maximum of two hours.

During this time, however, you don’t have to do anything. Simply click on “Get to know your Apple Watch”, which will navigate you through the individual basics of smart operation.

Conclusion: Setting up the watch is absolutely simple

Even if the many functions can be confusing at first, setting up is actually very easy. Once you have opened the Watch app on the iPhone, Apple will guide you step by step through pairing, configuration and synchronization. If you are not satisfied afterwards, you can open the watch app again and select a different carrying arm or a different watch face. If you own an Apple Watch 7, you should take a look at the 5 Apple Watch 7 functions that are being forgotten. But no matter which model, a few tricks can be used to get a lot out of the Apple Watch.

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