Apple WWDC 2022: What to expect from today’s event?

Deepak Gupta June 6, 2022
Updated 2022/06/06 at 12:40 PM

Today is the start of yet another Apple event dedicated to developers, WWDC 22. We know for sure that new versions of the operating systems of different Apple products will be presented, but the company should not stop there.

Come and find out what to expect for today’s event?

iOS 16 and iPadOS 16

Apple's iPhone and iPad will receive today the most important novelty of the year that will be improved until it becomes available to all users in September, with the launch of the new gadgets.

The expected updates for these versions are being considered as most significant in recent yearswith fundamental adjustments at the interface level.

Relevant apps such as Health and Messages and also the notifications area should receive improvements. Another example may be the detection of road accidents, with direct connection to the emergency number.

Something is long awaited for iOS 16 is the block screen always on, with useful information always available. However, this should be a feature limited to the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro. Even so, the lock screen, in general, should receive new wallpapers and even widgets.

For iPad users, multitasking management could be improved substantially. But on the iPhone there should also be an option for resizing windows in multitasking, which will facilitate the use of applications.

The first beta versions for developers should be released today and, historically, within a month the first public beta of both iOS and iPadOS 16 should arrive.

MacOS 13, tvOS 16 and watchOS 9

Still within the operating systems and their news at WWDC 2022, the operating system for macs, Apple Watch and Apple TV should also be presented during today's event.

watchOS 9 could bring big changes, as some analysts predict. This system may come with an energy saving mode as we already know in smartphones, it should have improvements in terms of navigation and even detection features in terms of blood pressure, leaving alerts whenever there is something out of the ordinary.

Regarding MacOS 13, one of the novelties could be the inclusion of a renewed System Preferences panel closer to the iOS settings, and some apps should be redesigned. In the case of tvOS 16, one of the examples of improvements that has already been talked about among the rumors is the inclusion of smart home features, in addition to the extended functionality of the HomePod mini.

Hardware: a new MacBook Air and the virtual reality headset

Although this is not a hardware event it is likely that Apple today will present, at least a new MacBook Air with Apple's M2 processor.

Second some analyststhe new computer will have a squarer design that harks back to last year's 24" iMac, and will also come in a vibrant, modern color gamut in addition to the classic versions.

In recent rumors the notch on the screen is seen, just like last year's MacBook Pro, however, it's not certain that Apple will offer such a feature. You can also have MagSafe charging connection and more Thunderbolt ports, no SD card or HDMI port.

Unlike in previous years, the availability of this new computer may take some time longer, due to problems related to Chinese supply chains, which have been affected by the shortage of components and the restrictions imposed by the government to stop the spread of COVID-19. 19 in the country.

As for the helmet dedicated to virtual reality, there are indications that point not to the arrival of a product, but to its introduction, as well as a dedicated operating system. Recently, rumors have reappeared around a "realityOS" that could be the system created to equip the virtual and augmented reality headset.

Today's event starts at 6 pm with live monitoring on Pplware and highlights the main news. Apple's WWDC 2022 will then take place for the rest of the week with sessions aimed at developers, as usual.

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