Apple’s mixed reality headset faces delay to 2023 after development challenges: Bloomberg

Deepak Gupta January 18, 2022
Updated 2022/01/18 at 11:08 AM

Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset has experienced delays that could push the headset’s launch to late 2022 or 2023, according to a new report. The Cupertino company is working on an augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) headset that has been in development since 2015, and the company is weighing in at a price tag of over $2,000 (approximately Rs. 1,49,000). The company is reportedly adding support for the device in iOS 16, which is expected to be revealed later this year.

according to one report per Bloomberg, Apple is considering delaying the launch of its mixed reality headset, which was previously due to launch at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. The report cites a source who claims the headset’s development has faced challenges, including “overheating, cameras and software”. As a result, the company is expected to announce the headset in late 2022, or later, while the product could be available in 2023.

The company’s mixed reality headset, codenamed N301, has been in development since 2015, according to the report, and the company had planned to debut in 2021 with availability in 2022. According to older reports, Apple is looking replace the iPhone with its mixed reality headset in a decade. Apple last released a major new product in 2015 with the arrival of the Apple Watch, while the company launched products like the HomePod speaker in 2018 and its AirTags tracker in 2021.

Previous reports suggested that the company’s next mixed reality headset would utilize two chips, one allegedly as powerful as the company’s M1 Pro chip in the MacBook Pro released in 2021. According to the Bloomberg report, the heating issues seem to result. use of these tokens. Apple had previously planned to transfer processing to a secondary device, but the plan was abandoned. The headset is also experiencing issues with the AR cameras, which are expected to be provided by LG Innotek, according to the report.

Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset should be a step towards the company’s rumored N421 AR, which is set to debut in the next few years. However, the upcoming AR/VR headset could come with an expensive price tag as the company is considering pricing above $2,000 (approximately Rs. 1,49,000) according to the report, and it is expected to be higher. than an upcoming AR/VR headset from Meta, called Cambria Project. However, the company expects to sell between 7 to 10 million mixed reality headsets in the first year, according to the report.


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