Are you going to travel this vacation? 5 apps you must have installed on your Android

Deepak Gupta May 28, 2022
Updated 2022/05/28 at 2:59 AM

The summer vacation months are approaching and for those who are thinking about going on a trip, there are apps that can help with the whole process. Whether to book flights, organize routes or visit unusual places…

Discover the proposals for Android.

Hopper - Book flights

A very complete application to start planning your trip and eventually book tickets right away is Hopper. In addition to offering a flight price forecast with an accuracy of 95%, up to 1 year in advance it is possible to search for a trip and receive notifications of the best time to buy, with a recommendation or not to buy soon.

In addition, the service also allows you to help with renting a car, booking a hotel or even purchasing travel insurance.

Home page: Hopper
Price: free
Punctuation: 4.4 Stars

HotelTonight: Book amazing deals at great hotels

For those who don't want to make a lot of plans or have an unforeseen event in the middle of the trip, but still want to guarantee a night in a hotel, this is the app you must have installed.

As the name implies, the app will search for available hotel rooms for the night itself (or even a limited number of days), with the possibility to choose rooms from the simplest to the most luxurious.

Home page: HotelTonight
Price: free
Punctuation: 4.4 Stars

Timeshifter - The Jet Lag App

For those who suffer from jet lag, the Timeshifter - The Jet Lag App may be the solution. This application starts to help you train your brain and body for the time difference long before boarding the plane, but also during and after the flight.

The app draws on neuroscience studies of sleep and circadian rhythms to provide personalized recommendations to each traveler, taking into account their age, gender and normal sleep patterns – as well as details about their trip and travel plans.

XE Currency Converter

Traveling to a European country with the Euro as its currency is nowadays very simple when it comes to paying for any good or service, however, in other countries it can be a real headache and excessive expenses if the value of the currency is not kept in mind. against the euro.

XE Currency Converter will be of great help.

Home page:
Price: free
Punctuation: 3.8 Stars

Microsoft translator

Microsoft Translator is a powerful tool to communicate anywhere in the world. You'll be able to translate text, take a picture of a text, translate instantly by voice, among many other options.

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