Are you waiting for Netflix with ads? There’s news, but it’s not good

Deepak Gupta August 18, 2022
Updated 2022/08/18 at 12:14 PM

Netflix has been at the center of a lot of discussion, especially when it comes to users and account sharing. This is a practice that must disappear and the necessary measures are being thought and tested.

One of the most talked about, and likely to be used, is creating an advertising-supported plan. This one is already moving forward and the code present in one of the Netflix apps has shown that there is no good news on the way for those waiting for this new version.




Times have been tough for Netflix, with fewer and fewer users flocking to this streaming service. There are several causes, but the most often mentioned is the sharing of accounts between users, a practice that has been widespread.

One of the planned ways to get Netflix back and captivate users is to get a cheaper plan. This will be supported by advertising and will have some of the features revised, being removed to keep the cost within the expected.

Reviewing the code for one of Netflix's apps revealed more information about what's to come. The advertising-based plan should remove one more feature that many use and like to have in mind, in order to use this service anywhere.

We are talking about the possibility of downloading movies and series that are accessible. The sentence present in the code is very direct and gives an account of what will be shown to users in the future: "Downloads available on all plans except Netflix with ads".

Netflix ads plans download movies

In addition to this finding, which is not at all positive, there is more information that were revealed in the code of this app. It is known that there will be a configuration process that must be followed so that the displayed ads are suitable for the user and his/her experience of use.

Certainly most did not expect this to be one of the removed options. The ability to download movies or series gives users great freedom and certainly many consider that the discount they will get does not compensate for what they are known to lose on Netflix.

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