AT dismantles clandestine gas station

Deepak Gupta May 24, 2022
Updated 2022/05/24 at 9:52 AM

With fuel prices on the rise, there are those who are dedicated to selling adulterated products. According to recent information, a clandestine station selling adulterated gasoline was dismantled last week in Portugal.

From the intervention of the Tax Authority, two defendants were constituted.

Gasoline was distributed through old water bottles

During the course of the criminal investigation, four search warrants were executed and around 3,000 liters of petroleum products and 129,000 euros were seized, says the AT in a statement published on the Finance Portal.

The supply of the petroleum product was done through old water bottles, used as a measure of the fuel to be supplied in the customers' vehicles that for this purpose entered the private property, located in a residential area.

AT dismantles clandestine gas station

In addition to the damage caused to the State by the non-payment of taxes levied on the marketing of fuel and on economic activity, the illicit activity was completely carried out on the sidelines, both of the safety standards relating to the storage and handling of petroleum products, and of environmental standards and without any quality control.

According to the General Regime of Tax Infractions, introduction into consumption with the intention of evading payment of the ISP without complying with legal formalities constitutes a crime of fraudulent introduction into consumption, in this case qualified, punishable with imprisonment from one to five years.

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