ATM: What are these icons that are displayed on the screen?

Deepak Gupta July 11, 2022
Updated 2022/07/11 at 9:48 PM

Have you ever used a service hundreds of times and not noticed certain information? Well, it’s common! We are usually focused on certain areas of the screen and we don’t even “waste” a second to record all the information that is passed to us.

Have you ever noticed the two icons found at the bottom of the screen of an ATM?

Created on September 2, 1985, with the installation of the ATM network, together with a series of operations that have been implemented over the years, of which the payment of services, payments to the State, the charging of mobile phones and the loading passes, among others, MULTIBANCO became part of people's daily lives.

Currently, the MULTIBANCO Network offers more than 90 features, some of which have been awarded at European level.

ATM: What are these icons that are displayed on the screen?

Multibanco: What do the two icons mean?

ATM machines give some important information to customers. The next two icons indicate if the machine has cash and if it has receipt paper, respectively. If the machine does not have cash or slip paper, an X will appear for the customer to know in advance.

ATM: What are these icons that are displayed on the screen?

Now whenever you go to an ATM, you will definitely remember this article. For those who already knew, you can always share and let others know.

According to the website of ByDate, in 2021 there were 12,486 ATMs. By way of comparison, in 1990 there were only 821.

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