AT&T is rolling out multi-gig fiber internet to more than 70 cities

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 24, 2022
Updated 2022/01/24 at 6:22 PM

After last week, AT&T is upgrading its fiber-based broadband service with two new plans that go up to 2Gbps and 5Gbps, respectively. The company says its new multi-gig fiber broadband will be available in more than 70 metropolitan areas, including Dallas, LA and Atlanta. AT&T’s fiber broadband currently covers about 15 million customers in 90 markets, with the ISP looking to expand its network to reach more than 30 million customers by 2025.

While AT&T’s new 5-GIG plan is almost certainly overkill for a typical household (even with multiple people making Zoom calls at the same time), the ongoing pandemic and shift to work and homeschooling continues to overwhelm families with more limited internet.

The new 2GIG plan is set to start at $110 per month plus tax (or $225 per month for a commercial fiber), while the faster 5GIG plan will cost $180 per month (or $395 per month). per month for companies). Notably, AT&T describes both plans as offering “symmetrical” speeds, meaning customers should see downloads and loading speeds. That last part is important for anyone who needs to move large files, especially when many older internet plans often have significantly slower upload speeds than download speeds.

In addition to its new multi-gig fiber plans, AT&T is upgrading its fiber internet plans with more direct pricing. AT&T says this means new customers won’t be hit by equipment fees, data caps or annual contracts, with initial prices fixed for at least 12 months. So your bill should just be the price of the service plus tax, with AT&T offering perks like ActiveArmor internet security, fast Wi-Fi 6 routers, and a free HBO Max subscription for customers with top-tier plans (the gigabit, 2 gig or 5 gig).

So while AT&T’s new fiber plans aren’t cheap, they should provide ample bandwidth for data-hungry people like content creators and video streaming enthusiasts. To find out if you live in an area covered by AT&T’s new multi-gig plans, you can check availability on the AT&T fiber landing page .

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