Attention Martians: Flight canceled due to bad weather

Deepak Gupta January 22, 2022
Updated 2022/01/22 at 12:08 AM

One of the most frustrating things about buying a plane ticket is having your fly canceled or redirected because of bad weather. Sometimes you can be inside plane, crazy about his bed or getting to his destination, and is surprised by the captain saying “passengers, our landing will be changed to Navegantes due to bad weather in Florianópolis” (I don’t remember the correct line to use. Sorry, Lito) . But know that this problem affects even the other planets. Ingenuity to say!

Ingenuity helicopter sets a new record!

after being the first powered aircraft performing off-Earth flights, now ingenuity sets a record that NASA didn’t want to hit: the Helicopter is the first aircraft canceled due to bad weather off the ground. The American space agency did not want to beat this record for the simple reason that it will delay the research schedule.

Source: Disclosure/NASA/JPL-Caltech.

The reason for the cancellation of flight number 19 in the martian air it was one dust storm, something common in red planet. These storms are also (in fact) dangerous for the rovers of research in Mars, as dust can impair battery charging done by solar panels if dust continues to cover the panel. And if it ends drums, the missions team can only wait and hope. That’s what happened with the rover Opportunity in 2018. The longest-lived interplanetary space exploration vehicle face-to-face one of the biggest sandstorms in Mars, in June of that year that covered the entire planet. It went into hibernation shortly after reporting that the battery was running low. Between June 2018 and January 2019 the NASA tried to reconnect and reconnect him hundreds of times, until he ended the mission in February.

Next Ingenuity flight on Sunday

now the NASA intends to carry out, finally, the flight 19 of the ingenuity on January 23, next Sunday. Predicting the weather on Earth is easy, there are several satellites, weather stations and radars. But predicting the weather on Mars, another planet, is extremely difficult. To the ingenuity on Sunday: may the wind under your wings take you where the sun sails and the moon walks.


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