Attractiveness: An unusual thing makes you more beautiful to others

Deepak Gupta February 17, 2022
Updated 2022/02/17 at 2:55 PM

what does attractiveness out? Previous studies have shown, for example, that symmetry makes people particularly beautiful to others. But a new study found out: Yours too immune system can make you more attractive to others.

attractiveness and health

“There is nothing special or beautiful about a face that we find attractive. So the theory is that there must be something that has been consistently rewarded in our mate choice through millennia of evolution, and that we find these specific traits attractive,” explains Summer Mengelkoch of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. In a study, she and her team investigated whether a good immune system is responsible for being particularly attractive.

In previous research, scientists have found that people are attracted to the body odors of others who are in better health. However, contradictory connections between attractiveness and health have been demonstrated in further scientific work. Therefore, Summer Mengelkoch and her team carried out further investigations.

This is the study

Professional facial photographs were taken of 159 men and women with an average age of 20. You should wear no make-up or jewelry and look neutral. Scientists also surveyed the participants about their health and tested their blood and plasma to check immune function.

The result: people with a higher attractiveness rating had a higher rate of phagocytosis. These are scavenger cells that have the ability to absorb and destroy pathogens, foreign substances or liquids (via

In addition, more attractive-looking people had lower neutrophil counts. This shows that the white blood cells were particularly efficient in fighting pathogens.

Conclusion: If you are healthy, you look more beautiful

Summer Mengelkoch’s study shows that your face is more attractive when your immune system is stronger. You can strengthen your immune system with these five tips. A recent study found that a certain quality makes you live longer. Also, did you know that twice in your life your personality changes drastically?

Source: “More than just a pretty face? The relationship between immune function and perceived facial attractiveness” (The Royal Society, 2022), NewSientist,

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