Autel Nest, the station that charges drones alone and allows remote control

Deepak Gupta January 12, 2022
Updated 2022/01/12 at 3:38 AM

Autel Robotics continues its strategy to gain market share in the drone segment, whether in the consumer or corporate segment. Now it was the company’s turn to announce the automatic drone charging station called Autel EVO Nest, which does the entire process without needing manual help. The drone takes off, does the remote controlled service, when the battery is low, returns to the station, the system automatically positioning the drone and starts the charging process, without any manual help.

Autel EVO Nest system official website

After the system is installed, the entire drone control and charging process takes place remotely

Autel released a video showing an EVO II Enterprise drone being remotely controlled and using the automatic charging station, which in addition to the charging process, was also designed to withstand adverse weather and rain, so it is possible to leave the entire system installed in some remote location, and perform services with the drone in the region whenever you want, without having someone trained to control the drone on site. It is worth noting that all models of the EVO II line are compatible with the system.

Applications are varied for corporate and security use, such as security patrol, power line inspection, traffic control, monitoring systems, forest inspection and agricultural monitoring, for example. As everything is remote and automatic, from drone control, charging, analysis of the work performed, the system opens up a very wide range of work for companies from various segments, without the need for a specialized team to regularly travel to places that are difficult to access or long distance.

As is traditional for the EVO line, the station is also available in orange, in addition to white. As highlights, it is rainproof, resistant to varied weather and corrosion. Its total weight is 40 kg. For complete system information, It’s worth checking out the company’s official website.

Autel Robotics’ EVO II line of drones are among the most complete in the world, with several cutting-edge technologies. I recently did a complete analysis of the Autel EVO II Pro model, the top of the line for consumers, but which brings several of the technologies also found in the EVO II Enterprise, a model that stands out for supporting accessories such as LED light, speaker and of GPS with high accuracy. Below is the review of the EVO II Pro. And if you still don’t know Autel Robotics, I recommend checking out this article where I talk a little about the company’s history.


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