AYN Loki: the new portable console with Intel Alder Lake CPU or AMD Ryzen 6000

Deepak Gupta May 28, 2022
Updated 2022/05/28 at 12:07 PM

The video game market currently has several options available to the consumer, from the simplest and most affordable models, to the most robust and, of course, also more expensive equipment.

But there is now a new pawn on the scene, and it is the AYN Loki portable console where the player can choose different models, one with a 12th generation Intel Alder Lake processor, and others with an AMD Ryzen 6000 CPU.

Portable console AYN Loki

The gaming segment already has some interesting models of portable consoles, one of the most recent, and which has drawn attention, is Valve's Steam Deck.

But it came now a new name in this sector, the AYN Loki handheld console. This is a new company in this market and it has several different models, each with its own characteristics and specifications. And, according to the company, these are the most affordable Windows handheld consoles created to date.

The most basic model is called Loki Mini, which has a 12th generation Intel Alder Lake U processor. This console comes with 64GB of storage and has a recommended price of $299.

Then the Loki model brings three variants, all of them with AMD Ryzen 6600U CPU. One variant has 64GB of storage for $499, another has 256GB for $599, and the third has 512GB for $699.

Finally, there is also the Loki Max model, which is powered by the AMD Ryzen 6800U processor, has 512 GB of storage and is priced at $799.

Watch the promotional video for AYN Loki's handheld console:

Thus, it appears that AMD's RDNA2 architecture graphics have contributed to increasing the variety of handheld consoles in the video game market. And this is visible in this particular case, in which of the total of five options, only one of them does not have an AMD processor.

For now there is still no information about availability and whether these consoles will reach the Portuguese market.

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