Baidu’s self-driving taxi starts working in some cities in China

Deepak Gupta February 19, 2022
Updated 2022/02/19 at 1:18 AM

Chinese technology company Baidu has just announced that it is implementing the Apollo Go autonomous taxi service in the city of Shenzhen. available for 50 destinations, between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm. In total, there are 67 vehicles circulating through the city of Shenzhen, carrying passengers autonomously.

Baidu had already announced trials of the autonomous taxi service in China at the end of last year. The company expects to increase the number of vehicles and offer trips to up to 300 destinations by the year 2022. At the moment, it is possible to travel between some of the most important tourist spots in the city, such as the Shenzhen Talent Park.

The Apollo Go service is expected to reach 65 cities by the end of 2025. At first, cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai are the first cities to feature in Baidu’s implementation plans. The company says that, currently, the service is available in seven cities, including the main metropolises of the country.

To order an Apollo Go taxi, simply access the Apollo Go app and request a ride. As with the main transport apps around the world. As the number of destinations is still limited, the user needs to choose which location to stop at through the available options.

Autonomous transport service

The Chinese tech giant has been eyeing the autonomous transport market for some time. Tests with its fleet of “robot taxis” have been going on for some time, now with the approval to implement the service and charge passengers, the company is excited about expansion plans.

Baidu’s Intelligent Driving Group vice president and security operations director Wei Dong said the company will charge prices “comparable to available premium-level passenger transport fares”. competitive within the transport market present in Chinese cities.


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Source: Engadget, Baidu

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