Be careful with ebay classifieds: Several scams want to rip you off

Deepak Gupta February 18, 2022
Updated 2022/02/18 at 3:07 PM

The private sale of articles via advertisements on the internet is booming and no other platform is as well-known and popular as it is ebay classifieds. The offshoot of the online auction portal is one of the most visited websites in Germany. Many use it to do small business, but unfortunately it also attracts scammers. Now the police are warning of new scams that you absolutely have to watch out for.

ebay classifieds: scam via live chat

According to the website of the State Criminal Police Office of Lower Saxony, the perpetrators are currently trying to obtain credit card details from their potential victims. To do this, they contact the seller and pretend to be a potential buyer.

But then they state that the payment process allegedly didn’t work. The sellers then receive a message that appears to come from ebay classifieds itself. It contains a link and a request to open it in order to fix the problem. A website then opens, on which the credit card data including the control number should be entered.

At the same time, a live chat opens, which apparently serves as a diversionary tactic. Sellers should not be given the space to question the process. The perpetrators even explain incorrect entries and later bank confirmations and thus reinforce the authentic impression. After all, anyone who actually enters the credit card data will later find out that the perpetrators are making purchases in foreign currencies (US dollars and Belarusian rubles).

Those affected should inform their bank immediately and try to stop the payment if the worst comes to the worst. You should also block the credit card and inform eBay classifieds support. You may also have to change your access data, if you have provided them.

“Payment” with courier service

Another method of scamming ebay classifieds is the apparent payment with a courier service such as UPS or FedEx. The supposed buyers state that they send the money with such a service. The sellers can then check the total with their own eyes and then hand over the goods for transport.

The perpetrators report in advance and pretend to be a courier service. In an email they say that there is a special fee that you want to collect in advance. This should be done, for example, in the form of a credit code. The wrong buyers, in turn, say that the extra fee is also included in the money delivery, so that there is no minus for the sellers.

Of course, a courier service never stops by. The only aim is to transfer the credit. Victims should contact the credit card provider immediately and try to save the sum. The police recommend filing a report afterwards.

Unfortunately, these are not the only methods to trick currently unsuspecting people. Cases of telephone fraud are currently rampant in Germany.

Source: Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office

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