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Deepak Gupta February 20, 2022
Updated 2022/02/20 at 6:45 AM

With the advances of this technological world, data protection requires a responsibility by everyone. The Internet it is an environment that must be given special attention because it is susceptible to the occurrence of unwanted events. Internet crimes are constantly growing, the methods are increasingly new and difficult to detect.

Therefore, the data encryption it is a necessity in these times where we are all vulnerable. In this article we will be addressing the best free applications for full disk encryption. We hope that by the end of your reading you have acquired a basic knowledge about the subject in a simple and light way.

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What is a full disk encryption program?

Disk encryption or encryption is a technology developed in order to protect information by turning it into a unreadable code. Only authorized personnel can access or decrypt the information. Specifically, disk encryption uses encryption software or hardware to encrypt each bit of information that makes up a disk or disk volume. Encryption is the most effective way to protect your files and data from unauthorized access. Not allowed. It is a guarantee that your data and information are protected.

A software Full disk encryption is just that, encrypting an entire drive, not just a few files or folders. Drive encryption of your device keeps private data away from agents external. This application is not only for a hard drive, it also exists for external devices such as a flash driveexternal hard drive, among others.

Protect with full disk encryption with these free tools

Protect with full disk encryption with these free tools

As we have already explained, full disk encryption software encrypts an entire drive and not files or folders automatically. isolated. We will offer you some of the best free disk encryption tools below.


VeraCrypt is based on the popular TrueCrypt software. It is a powerful disk encryption program that allows hidden volumesencryption on the fly, keyboard shortcuts, key files and amazing features. It does not limit the encryption to an entire disk, it also does it to the system partition that contains your installed operating system. Another of its attractions is its ability to create a file that acts as a unit using VeraCrypt.

On the other hand, if the partition you are using most frequently, or as the system volume is known, is encrypted, you can continue your activities normally while completing on background. The foregoing allows that, during the encryption, it can execute other tasks considering the process is extensive (depends on the amount of data contained in the unit to be encrypted). This program can be used on Windows, macOS and Linux platforms. In short, it’s a free software, works cleanly with active development and has a portable version; however, it can sometimes be unnecessarily complex.


DiskCryptor is one of the best disk encryption software on the Windows platform. Allows its users to encrypt system/boot volume as well as any other disks internal or external. It is easy to use and has some of the characteristics that make it unique and interesting.

In addition to providing password protection to a partition, you can add one or more files to keys to increase your security. Key files can be in the form of files or folders. Data on a volume encrypted with DiskCryptor can be viewed and modified while the drive is mounted. In this case it is not necessary to decrypt the entire disk to be able to access the files. Likewise, it can be unmounted in seconds, which makes the unit and its data inaccessible until the correct password is entered. password or the key files.

Another attraction is for the particular case that your computer is rebooted while a drive is mounted and readable, it automatically unmounts and becomes unusable until credentials are re-entered. DiskCryptor also supports encryption for multiple volumes in turn so you can pause encryption so you can reboot or remove a disk during this process. The biggest negative is that it has a technical problem important that it could render your previously encrypted system volume unusable. You need to know about this before encrypting a partition that is used to boot Windows.

In short, it is free software, easy to use and supports key files, however it has a user interface outdatedcontains additional tools of little use, possibility of a failure massive and its last update dates from 2014.

COMODO Disk Encryption

COMODO Disk Encryption
COMODO Disk Encryption

If you want to encrypt the system drive as well as any other connected drives you can do it with the help of COMODO Disk Encryption software. Both of the above drive types can be configured to require password or device authentication. USB. It is necessary for the use of an external device such as authentication require you to be logged in before access to encrypted files is granted. A weakness to highlight is its inability to grant passwords unique for each encrypted disk. This means using the same password for all encrypted drives.

Also, you can change Password initial or USB authentication method anytime you require it, but it extends to all drives encrypted. In summary, it is a tool that supports USB authentication and it is a simple program without unnecessary extra elements; however, it only allows a single password and since 2010 it has been suspended (it has no updates).


FreeOTFE is a application which easily encrypts your sensitive and protected data on your device’s hard drive. This program is free and allows you to select between several types of encryption algorithms to encrypt data. This program will be able to create virtual drives on your PC disk. You must copy files to this virtual drive and those files will be encrypted automatically. In addition, this application allows you to define password protection for the partitions of your hard drive.


Until now we have presented you some of the most used and free tools for the full disk encryption. These softwares offer extra protection to our information in times when we are more vulnerable. Among the advantages is that they offer a wide variety of characteristics and shapes that allow you to select the most convenient. The purpose of all of them is to protect confidential data and avoid unauthorized access. We hope that through your reading we have fulfilled our objective of informing you about this topic.

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