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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 8, 2021
Updated 2021/12/08 at 11:45 PM

Introduced in iOs 12, shortcuts are a method to chain and automate several functions to perform one or more actions in your applications, that is, with the press of a button, you can concatenate several steps into one. There are three ways to work with shortcuts: From an app’s options, Siri suggestions or through the shortcuts app itself. Each shortcut you create must have a name and you can access it through the shortcuts app library and even from Siri. But you may wonder: What are the Best Shortcuts for Apple’s iOS Applications?

The shortcuts app library offers the possibility of creating custom shortcuts from various actions of your choice. Actions are nothing more than the best features of an app that you have installed fragmented into smaller parts, which to be used in your shortcut must be arranged in order and you can later access it from the iOS Today View, the home screen or by asking for it from Siri.

Maybe yours is to go straight to the point, and instead of creating them yourself, you are interested in what others already do with this interesting iOs functionality, well, here we will show you some of the best shortcuts that already exist for Apple’s iOS .

Run favorite music playlist

Music exists for all tastes, that is why we always like to have at hand those rhythms that make us vibrate with joy, remember good times, relax or motivate ourselves at any time of the day. Well with this shortcut you can quickly have your favorite music lists at hand, just with a touch or a command to Siri, from your iPhone, iPad and even your Apple Watch. With this shortcut you will not only be able to choose the playlist you want to listen to, you will also be able to change the order in which you play it, be it random or repeat.

You can add this shortcut from Here.

Download YouTube Videos

On many occasions we would like to download a YouTube video, to enjoy it later, without having to be connected to the Internet, as you can do this now, using this practical shortcut, to which we simply add the address of our video of interest and we will download to our device. With this shortcut you can choose other characteristics such as the format in which we want to save the file and the location. We recommend that when you use this shortcut you make sure that the videos you download are not protected with copyright.

Note: You need to have Scriptable installed for it to work

You can add this shortcut from Here.

Birthday reminder

You are one of the people who easily forget the holidays, because with this shortcut, you will never forget the birthdays of your family and friends. With it, you will have a list of the contacts that will soon be birthday. This shortcut can be configured to suit you and modify some aspects, such as the text of the alerts, the number of people to show and more.

You can add this shortcut from Here.

Find and send GIF

If you are what you like to share these small animations, this shortcut will suit you, with it you can quickly search for the GIF of the topic of your choice and save it on the clipboard to share it on any of your social networks or apps courier, what are you waiting to get it?

You can add this shortcut from Here.

Get this shortcut

Finding the travel time to a destination

How many times while traveling have you not asked yourself, is there a long way to go? Well, with this shortcut, you will have a fairly approximate idea of ​​the time it will take to reach the destination of your interest. You just have to provide the address of your interest and you will receive an alert with the time it will take. This shortcut also gives you the option, if desired, to follow the route on a map.

You can add this shortcut from Here.

Create your own GIF

For those who like to create their own GIFs, we have two shortcuts that allow you to do it quickly and fun: The first allows you to create them from the section you prefer of a video of your choice, the other from your images favorites. In each case you will have the possibility to edit your selected files to your measure and delete the last action of your shortcut to modify it to do other actions, such as saving your creation or sharing it.

You can add the shortcut to convert videos to GIF from Here.

You can add the shortcut to convert images to GIF from Here.

Find out where a photo was taken

As you heard, with this interesting shortcut you will be able to know the place where a photo was taken. Do you wonder how this is possible? Well, very easy, this shortcut extracts the GPS data from your image, as well as the date and time it was taken and the distance you are from that place, as if that were not enough, it shows it on a map.

You can add this shortcut from Here.

Create your own speed dial menu

This shortcut stands out for its simplicity, but it is very useful, with it you can have at hand the phones that you use the most in the form of a list in a widget or direct access on your desktop, saving you from having to search for them in your contact list, just as If you don’t have a favorite, you can leave it with the option to ask each time, so when you use it you can select from your contacts.

You can add this shortcut from Here.

Find the nearest gas station (or anywhere)

You are in a new city or visiting any part of the world and you are looking for a place of interest: a restaurant, a hotel, a shopping center, so don’t wait any longer and download this shortcut. It is initially designed for those drivers who urgently need fuel to find the nearest gas station, although it can be modified to find other places of interest. This shortcut offers the possibility of selecting the map that we want to use, you can also leave the option of your place of interest to ask each time, to make the selection more dynamic.

You can add this shortcut from Here.

Delete finished reminders

You are one of the people who like to record your ideas, your plans, your notes or maybe you like the sound of your voice and you constantly record reminders on your iPhone or iPad. But still, you are forgetful or you have almost no time, surely you will soon have your device saturated with useless reminders, what to do? Download this shortcut. With it you can delete the reminders that you have already marked as completed, you can also use its filters, where you can delete complete lists according to the criteria you prefer.

You can add this shortcut from Here.

Make a photo collage

If you are a fan of photography and above all you have an artistic streak in you or you just want to do something different with your images, with this shortcut you can put them together in beautiful collages. You can achieve this in a very simple way: you will only have to select the images you want to integrate and that’s it, a nice collage that you can then save or share with your family and friends. In any case you can always edit the last action to get other results. What are you waiting for, download this fun shortcut today.

You can add this shortcut from Here.

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