Best Tips For Selling On Amazon Without A Business

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 7, 2021
Updated 2021/12/07 at 3:21 PM
Best Tips For Selling On Amazon Without A Business

More than 2.5 million active sellers worldwide, 29.7 million monthly visitors and more than 120 million product types. Yes, we are talking about the e-commerce giant Amazon. It is now the largest undisputed marketplace in the world. So what do you have to do to get a place in this marketplace? Is it really possible to sell on Amazon without a company?

To get the answer to all these questions, I invite you to read this guide in its entirety. Also, do you like business opportunities? If so, I’ll give you one, where you can make thousands of dollars a month without even putting in much effort. So let’s start looking at this in more detail!

Is it possible to sell on Amazon without a business?

This question is usually asked by many internet users, and it’s also what brings you to read this guide, isn’t it? So let’s answer the question. You don’t need to own a business to sell on Amazon. You can also become a seller on Amazon if you meet the requirements as an individual. You can create your Amazon seller account very easily and start selling.

How do I start selling on Amazon without a business? 

To sell on Amazon without a business, you first need to open a seller account on the platform. After creating your account, you will see many different metrics in your Amazon Seller Central dashboard. For example order management, customer communication and performance reports. 

Next, create your control panel, and choose between professional and individual membership options. If you have a wide range of products, a professional membership, which also offers certain privileges in the sales and shipping stages, will suit you better. Because the monthly sales fee for the Professional membership is $39.99. There is no fixed fee for the individual membership, which is preferred by small sellers. In addition, all merchants are charged a commission fee of $0.99 per successful transaction.

Amazon’s deduction fee 

After opening the seller account, you now need to download the application called Amazon Seller App. This free app offers you a lot of information about the selling process. Also, with this app, you can find out the product price on Amazon by scanning the barcode of any product on your phone.

When you enter the spreadsheet sent by Amazon Revenue, you can search for the products you intend to sell. You then price the item (red arrow) and learn how to ship the item to Amazon (black arrow). In addition, you can find out more about the deduction Amazon will make from your sales and how much you will earn from that product. With this type of rule, you will clearly know how much profit you will make from the products you sell on Amazon. Before discovering the different tricks to adopt to sell on amazon without a business, let’s first see; what can be sold on this platform.

What can I sell on Amazon without a business?

When you don’t have a business, deciding what to sell on Amazon can start from home. What kind of items do you often use in your home? What kind of products do you have in your home that you never use?

Another option is to buy in bulk at low prices from a wholesaler and sell it on Amazon. Also, your main objective here should be to buy a product at a price below the selling price on Amazon and put your profit margin on it reselling on Amazon. In the most basic sense, this is called retail arbitrage.

Indeed, one of the best ways to start selling on Amazon without a business is retail arbitrage at a low initial investment. This would be much more beneficial to you. Once you know the process better and understand Amazon better, you can try other methods.

To learn more about retail arbitrage, you need to open a seller account and log in to the Amazon Seller application. Then you will find additional information about whether the product is worth selling. You can also go to a big market and mall and visit the section in detail where the clearance products are at the end of the season.

Selling on Amazon without a company: scan the barcode 

In this case, you need to pay attention to two things. First, you need to make sure that you can sell this product under Amazon’s insurance. Secondly, you should also find out how this product ranks in its category of top-selling products on Amazon. Is it ranked 60th in its category for example? This is a very good ranking, as this line offers very important information about how quickly the product can be sold.

However, you may not always be able to find such a popular product. Therefore, you should try to sell items with a lower rank when you first sell. As you gain experience, you will be able to choose products that perform better in this respect. However, after you have determined the selling price of your product, you also need to know how much you will pay for 500 grams of freight. And how much you will earn with this product.

Generally speaking, there are 2 things you should check at this stage. Firstly, whether your net income is above the income threshold you have set. But personally, I recommend that you earn up to $3 per item. In reality, selling products that will make a profit of less than $3, is something that really doesn’t make sense.  

So, if the product performs above your income threshold, that is; the product you buy for $10 will make you a profit of $7.13. This means that you will earn 73% on that trade. Finally; when you start selling on amazon without a business, it is always good to look above 50%.

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Discover the effective tips you need to sell on amazon without a business

Discover the effective tips you need to sell on amazon without a business

There are many things to consider when you want to sell a product on amazon without a business. So, let’s take a closer look at the tips you need to implement to make it happen.

1. Don’t just focus on the demand/sales ratio

It’s normal to get upset if you find a specific product that sells thousands in a month. But the demand/sales ratio is only part of the bigger picture. In addition, you need to pay attention to issues such as competition, costs, periodicity and profit margin.

To do this, you also need to look at the opportunity score of the product you are selling. While you are searching for products to sell on amazon without a business, the Jungle Scout plugin that you will install on Google Chrome will display the opportunity score of the product. So, items with a score above 7 are ideal for selling.

2. Read the product category terms carefully

You’ve found a wonderful product. You want to sell it on Amazon and make a lot of money. Great!

But there may be some restrictions in the category that this product falls under. For example, the dangerous products category is one that Amazon cares about. Because of the products sold, thousands of lawsuits are filed against Amazon. Because of this, you must get permission or acceptance from Amazon to sell products in this category.

Cosmetics, food, and even toys can fall into this category. Therefore, list the product you want to sell on Amazon without a business, before sending it to the Amazon warehouse. Investing in a product that you are not allowed to sell on Amazon may result in a loss of money.

3. Selling on Amazon without a business: be aware of seasonality

When looking at a product to sell, don’t just focus on sales. Also, keep in mind that products specific to the summer or winter season will sell more in those seasons.

For example, if you sell snow tyres during the summer season, you will not be able to sell much. On the other hand, you can sell products that sell more in certain seasons on Amazon. But it is better to sell products that are in demand for all 4 seasons so that your income is balanced.

4. Don’t settle for just one product

When you want to sell on amazon without a business, don’t consider sticking to one product. Also, when you sell with a certain brand name on Amazon, you are establishing a brand in a sense. In other words, it may not be enough to print the logo and brand name on the products you buy off-site. 

In addition, you need to gain a certain customer base for your brand and offer them various products. When you are starting out without a business, perhaps one product is enough, but over time you should try to increase your product range. This will allow you to offer different options to people in order to grow your business and your income.

5. Follow your competitors and the general landscape

One of the most common mistakes when selling on Amazon is to find a product that comes to mind and list it. And then stop focusing on that product and concentrate on other products. But Amazon is a constantly changing organism. That said, you can’t know for sure what will happen to the products you send to Amazon in 30-60 days. This is why you need to constantly monitor the status of your products.

In other words, it is very important to keep a close eye on how a product is performing on Amazon and how many sellers are selling that product. Otherwise, you risk spending money for nothing and risk investing thousands in products that are very difficult to sell.

6. Selling on amazon without a business: be unique and attractive

A few years ago, it was quite easy to find specific and niche products. It was a very good way to sell the products that successful sellers were selling. In fact, it was very profitable to get these products and sell them under your own brand. 

For this reason, there were a lot of duplicate ads on the first page. Of course, this didn’t work for Amazon, so they changed their algorithm. So, Amazon’s new A9 algorithm takes care of the differences when ranking products and pushes the same ads back into the ranking.

When you search for products on Amazon, make sure that what you are selling is recognisable. Let’s say you are driving down a city road. You saw a black cow on the road and said “Oh cow”. However, when you see more than one cow on the road, your selective perception of cows gradually disappears.

But you saw a purple cow among the black cows! You have never seen anything like that in your life! In such a case, you would probably pull the car to the right; take a picture of the purple cow and even take a selfie with that purple cow and upload it to Instagram.

Here’s how you should sell such products on Amazon without a business. People should be excited when they see it and send the link of this product to their friends.

Best Tips For Selling On Amazon Without A Business

7. You are not the only one who finds the right product

Sometimes you think you have found the most amazing product in the world. But wait a few weeks before investing in this idea. Take a look at the overall picture and regularly monitor the status of the product on Amazon.

If you don’t mind, I’ll give you the example of a watermelon chopper again. If I hadn’t tracked the product and waited a few weeks, I wouldn’t know that the watermelon chopper; which I thought was the coolest and most viral product on Amazon and in the world at the time, was being sold by 200 people other than me. In other words, everything was going to explode in my hand.

I agree that Amazon makes a lot of money on business people, but you can’t get rich overnight with one product. Not those who are in a rush from Amazon and business life, those who are patient will succeed. So, for a start on Amazon, I recommend as the best product to sell, e-books.

8. Develop an advanced marketing strategy

Marketing is a huge factor in your sales on Amazon. Therefore, focus on marketing while looking for products to sell. Amazon’s implementation of cost-per-click advertising is pretty good. It’s simple, elegant and cheap. 

So given the return of your ad on Amazon, it’s almost free. However, it wouldn’t be fair to put all the apples in one basket. If you want to be successful in selling on Amazon without a business, you need to think about marketing outside of Amazon as well. Some of the successful strategies are;

Promoting your product via Kickstarter and crowdfunding sites. You can also use social media, especially Instagram, effectively and efficiently. In addition, send your products to famous vloggers, Youtubers and influencers and allow them to share with their followers. Also, often offer the product for free to your followers.

9. Selling on amazon without a business: act immediately

The last and most important one: take action! This may seem intimidating, as you are a drop in the Amazon ocean. But you can’t accomplish anything without taking action.

While I was researching Amazon products, the manufacturer I bought the bag from told me that the type of leather I wanted was gone. And he replaced it with another type of leather. This incident was a huge shock to me at the time.

But I decided to continue and not give up. I received the bags, so I sent them to the Amazon warehouse. In exactly 5 days, I paid off the money I had paid to the manufacturer and started making a profit. It may not have been my most lucrative sale, but it was still important as an example to keep me on Amazon. To do this, wait until you sell your first product. That way, you’ll enjoy the work and make money!

So, is selling on Amazon without a business beneficial? I invite you to discover this answer in the next section. 

Is it profitable to sell on Amazon without a business? How do you track the investment/profit ratio?

Sell 100 items a day on Amazon. However, if your profit margin is too low, it will take a long time to get your return on investment. To better understand these questions, take a look at the examples below. 

Example: Let’s compare the $12 apple chopper and the $50 bamboo salad tray.

At first glance, the apple chopper looks better, doesn’t it? You make $12,000 when you buy 1,000 apple slicers a month. And when you buy 50 bamboo planks a month, you earn $2500.

Apple chopper

On average, 1,000 apple choppers are sold in a month. And one of them costs you $3. For 3 months of sales, you need to buy an average of 3000 apple slicers. This will cost you $9,000. On the other hand, an apple slicer on Amazon sells for an average of $12. 

Amazon takes a 15% deduction and charges $3 for shipping.

At the end of 12 months, you will earn $14400 from the apple slicer.

Amazon deduction, cost, etc. Then you get a total of $7200 in cash.

In other words, the return on investment is 80%. Not bad.

Bamboo salad board

On average, 50 units of this product are sold per month. And the cost per unit is $10. So 150 bamboo boards are needed for 3 months of sales. The cost of this is $1500. 

However, you can send at least 200 copies of this product. For this purpose, you need to spend $2000 for 200 products.

The average selling price on Amazon is $50.

You must spend 20% of the selling price on advertising.

Amazon discounts by 15% and charges $7 for shipping.

You get $30,000 of that product for 12 months.

When things like Amazon’s deduction, shipping, production costs, etc., you get a net of $9330.

The rate of return on investment is exactly 465%!

Now tell me, is that 80% profit or 465% profit?

Of course, the bamboo cutting board is a far better product. You earn more and invest less. In other words, the less money you tie-up, the more money you make.

A very effective tip to read 

Try to sell products that will bring in at least 4-5 times the initial investment. And the above-mentioned products are only illustrative. If you want to invest little and make a lot of money on Amazon, I recommend the best selling product “e-book”.

These are products that you can sell for ages because they are very light and the risk of loss is very low. Also, you don’t have to write them yourself, before you make money with them.

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