Beware of PayPal scams: New scam targets your payments

Deepak Gupta February 21, 2022
Updated 2022/02/21 at 1:30 PM

G Data is now warning of a new one PayPal scame. You should be careful when making PayPal payments. Caution is also required when transferring cryptocurrencies.

PayPal scams: What you should be aware of

G Data CyberDefense warns of malware called “Allcome”. It mainly targets PayPal payments and cryptocurrencies. To do this, she apparently manipulates the clipboard of the Windows operating system. According to G Data, the PayPal scam works as follows:

“This manipulation comes into play, for example, when someone wants to send money via PayPal. If the recipient’s address is copied from an email or a document into the appropriate field, then Allcome replaces this address with another – the payment then goes to the wrong address. The same applies to transactions in cryptocurrencies.”


Be sure to watch out for unusual clipboard behavior. In any case, check the e-mail address and make sure that it is correct.

What is malware?
“Malware is an umbrella term for any type of ‘malicious software’ designed to infiltrate your device without your knowledge,” explains Avast. While each type of malware works differently, all variants have two characteristics in common: “They are insidious and aim to harm you.”

Security Expert: Allcome is dangerous

Tim Berghoff, Security Evangelist from G Data CyberDevence classifies “Allcome” as dangerous:

“Allcome is definitely dangerous. So if you make PayPal payments or handle cryptocurrencies, you should always take a few seconds to check the data entered during a transaction.”

Tim Berghoff

You should not only be careful with the cryptocurrency/PayPal scam. Cases of fraud are currently also increasing on the online sales platform ebay classifieds.

Sources: G Data, Avast

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