Beware that TikTok may be recording what you do in the browser of this mobile app

Deepak Gupta August 20, 2022
Updated 2022/08/20 at 7:06 AM

Privacy has always been a controversial topic when it comes to the social network TikTok. This platform has gained more and more followers and visibility, raising some basic questions that do not always have the expected answers. Now comes an important information about the mobile app of this social network and it is not positive at all.

From what is advanced, TikTok may be recording everything users do in this app’s internal browser.




TikTok acting on the dark side of privacy?

The issue of handling TikTok user data has not been very transparent. Several times the finger was pointed at possible abusive uses of this data, without any conclusion being recorded.

Now one more question arises, discovery by Felix Krause, a software researcher and founder of Fastlane. It reports that TikTok's internal browser may be spying on users, going so far as to record what is being written, without their consent.

According to what Felix Krause reports, the TikTok browser records screen touches, the smartphone clipboard and much more. This data can easily include personal data like usernames and passwords, credit card details and much more information.

TikTok browser javascript register network

To achieve this, TikTok injects JavaScript code into visited pages that are accessed by shared posts. This is an increasingly seen practice, but not as abusive and invasive as is being done in this case.

TikTok has already answered this question, albeit evasively. The company revealed that it uses this JavaScript code for screening and troubleshooting and to evaluate the performance of this element and the pages visited. It also revealed that it is a practice carried out by other platforms.

The social network also revealed that this JavaScript code is part of a third-party development kit (SDK), which includes features that TikTok does not use. Even so, the question remains about privacy on this network and the way in which it uses the information it (eventually) collects.

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