Big Animal Crossing Update: Why the game is now worth it again

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 1, 2022
Updated 2022/01/01 at 3:37 AM

Tears of joy among loyal Animal Crossing fans: There was no stopping fan girls and boys on YouTube. Because “Animal Crossing” got a new polish with the big update 2.0 at the end of November. Added to this are new game features such as boat tours and the legendary Kofi in his museum café. We’ll tell you what that Animal Crossing Update still has everything ready.

Animal Crossing update: New gameplay since November 24th

At the end of November the time had come: the update for the box office hit “Animal Crossing” was suddenly released. Behind 3.4 gigabytes of memory there are numerous new functions that are supposed to make the simulation game on the Nintendo Switch a touch more fun. There are also fan favorites from old games in the game series: Kofi, Käpten, Gyroids and much more.

The novelties in the “Animal Crossing: New Horizon” update 2.0

  • Kofi’s cafe: In “Animal Crossing: Wild World”, Kofi conjured up delicious coffee specialties in Eugen’s museum for the pleasure of many gamers. Now the little pigeon is back again and joins the museum. We look forward to small conversations in the “Taubenschlag” café.
  • New visit to Harvey’s Plaza: Lots of familiar faces are nesting on Harvey’s island: From carpet seller Aziza to hairdresser Trude, you can now run your little avatars through the small shops. It’s not a shopping mile like in the previous games, but Nintendo still came up with a cute idea here.
  • Gyroids: The little water hydrants are not newcomers to Animal Crossing. Already in old parts jingling sounds jingled (and annoyed them) in the fantasy world. Not until a year and a half later do they arrive in “New Horizon”. If you find a gyroid while digging it out, it has to be buried and poured again. The next day you will find a fully functional (deafening) gyroid at this point.
  • Farms: From now on you can grow and harvest food. These include potatoes and wheat, among others. The great thing is that you can now use the food to cook delicious recipes. Similar to the building instructions, you have to learn these first.
  • Captain at the landing stage: With the captain, the jetty finally fills up at “Animal Crossing”. Whoever jumps on his boat not only gets a song sung – but is also taken to an island with a different time of the year. This way, the flora and fauna can be better collected for the museum.

More updates waiting for you

But that’s not all: Nintendo has managed to create tons of new content for gamers in order to keep the fun of the game alive. More highlights from the November update:

  • 16 new residents
  • 11 new emotions
  • Morning stretching
  • Surprise visits
  • New objects and designs
  • New hairstyles
  • And much more …

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After the “Animal Crossing” update: Players: inside again in gaming fever

Although “Animal Crossing: New Horizon” experienced a real hype among switch gamers thanks to its release at the beginning of the first lockdown, after a while many yawning boredom found its way into the simulation game. The problem: The fauna, flora and fossils were quickly grazed, the museum full and the city beautified down to the last millimeter. Quite a few gamers put the game aside until further notice.

With the new update, Nintendo is giving new incentives to play: Long “Animal Crossing” fans are happy about old friends and new features that bring the game back to life. So it makes perfect sense to pay your little avatars a visit again and enjoy everyday life with them. For newbies, the “Animal Crossing” update offers a full-fledged game to enjoy in their free time. With the update, “Animal Crossing: New Horizon” on the Nintendo Switch is one hundred percent worthwhile and a lot of fun.

Sources: Nintendo; own research

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