Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023 announced

Deepak Gupta May 27, 2022
Updated 2022/05/27 at 6:45 PM

Cycling fans and all mechanics involving bikes can be satisfied. This is because Manager Games and Polish development team Punch Punk SA have recently revealed Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023.

Come and learn a little more about this management and strategy game.

We've already seen simulators of car mechanics, motorcycles, boats... so why not a bike mechanic simulator?

At least that seems to be what the Polish studios at Punch Punk ((responsible for games like Apocalypse: Harry at the End of the World and This is the Zodiac Speaking) thought when deciding which game to develop next, when they started this series of strategy and simulation games.

And they recently announced Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023 that should be ready for release early next year.

Like its predecessors, it's a simulator that tries to recreate in a very realistic way the hard work and precision that a bicycle mechanic takes on a daily basis. The idea, you can already see what it is, is to start a small business... a small bicycle repair shop... and evolve it into a more multifaceted workshop.

The day-to-day of Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023 therefore involves carrying out repairs, accepting custom bike assembly services as well as developing the services that our workshop has to offer to customers. This also involves the acquisition and testing of new installed equipment.

The development team has already released the categories of bikes that our workshop can help with. We can therefore accept jobs for city bikes, touring bikes, mountain bikes, and various categories of road bikes (from the simplest to the most modern models for high-performance).

In Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023, each bike will consist of several different parts and the simulator offers several related realistic elements, such as rims of various sizes, various types of braking system, among much more.

All this not forgetting the different types of material that each part can be manufactured, as well as the different technologies used to manufacture them.

Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023 will be released in early 2023 for PC, and Punch Punk SA's next step will be the later release for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox One, , PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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