Bike or scooter? choose an electric

Deepak Gupta July 12, 2022
Updated 2022/07/12 at 1:56 AM

Concern for the environment and fuel prices are the great motivators for choosing an alternative transport to the car or motorcycle. The use of public transport would be ideal, in its various forms, but unfortunately the transport network is not sufficient for the needs of the population. Electric bicycles and scooters are an increasingly sought-after solution, especially for those who travel within the city or between locations with relatively short distances.

Thus, we bring some suggestions for electric vehicles with a bicycle and a scooter.

E-bike Samebike LO26-II

The Samebike LO26 is an aluminum alloy electric bike with 26" x 1.95" wheels. The structure is foldable, making it easy not only to transport it inside a car trunk, but also to store it at home. It has a structure designed to support a maximum of 150 kg, thanks to the adjustable damper on the frame.

The electric motor of this bike is 500W and has a battery that fully charges in about 4 hours. In electric-only mode, it has a range of 25 to 35 km, but in hybrid driving the battery can go up to 80 km.

It has 21 gears and also a cycle computer (km counting) with information such as speed, driving mode, odometer and battery level. The electric motor has 4 modes of action: Pure Electric, PAS, manpower riding and pushing.

It has front shock absorbers to adapt to different floors and disturbances. For driving in the dark, it includes a bright LED headlight and backlight on the odometer display.

THE Ebike Samebike LO26-II is available for €919.99 using the discount code CC26II, valid until the end of July. Shipping is done from a European warehouse, with fast and free delivery.

Samebike LO26-II

BEZIOR S500 Max scooter

The last option is the BEZIOR S500 Max, an electric scooter with 10-inch wheels. The advertised range is from 45 to 50 km and can reach a maximum speed of 35 km/h, with two more speeds, one that reaches 15 km/h and the other 25 km/h, with a maximum power of 500W.

The scooter has a small panel indicating instantaneous speed and battery level. The scooter's construction is aluminum and has a disc brake system. In addition, it is also foldable and weighs 21.5 kg.

THE electric scooter BEZIOR S500 Max is available for just €339, using the discount code CC5MB (valid until July 31). Also in this case, the shipment is made from a European warehouse, with free shipping and no additional delivery charges.


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