Bitblaze Titan BM15: The first portable computer created by Russia

Deepak Gupta June 8, 2022
Updated 2022/06/08 at 8:38 AM

These days, when we talk about Russia, we immediately associate it with the war and invasion of Ukraine. However, the country continues its path parallel to the conflict, thus having to adapt and overcome the sanctions imposed by the United States and several European countries.

In this way, the latest information indicates that the country of Vladimir Putin has now created its first portable computer called Bitblaze Titan BM15. Let’s get to know this news a little better.

Russia creates its first laptop

As a result of the invasion of Ukraine, many countries turned their backs on Russia and applied heavy sanctions to condemn President Vladimir Putin's advances. And many of these sanctions are having a significant impact on the technological market, whether in terms of hardware or software, with Russia having been deprived of access to several fundamental electronic components for various equipment.

However, in a way, the country also saw these blocks as an opportunity, and this situation can even be compared to that of the Chinese Huawei, which also had to reinvent itself. Therefore, the Russian company Promobit has created and is on the way to produce Russia's first portable computer designated Bitblaze Titan BM15. This computer will use a processor made in the country, the so-called Baikal-M.

According to the details, the Bitblaze Titan BM15 has a 15.6-inch IPS 1080p screen and will have 16GB of memory and an SSD with a capacity of 512GB of storage. The Russian laptop will support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and will feature USB 3.0, HDMI, USB Type-C, RJ-45 ports and an audio jack. As for the battery, it will have a capacity of 6000 mAh.

The Russian processor of the Baikal-M line, however, uses a 28 nm manufacturing process from Taiwanese TSMC. It has an octa-core architecture with Cortex-A57 cores clocked up to 1.5 GHz and features a Mali-T628 MP8 graphics chip clocked at 750 MHz. It will support dual channel DDR4-2400 or DDR3-1600 memories, and its energy consumption will not exceed 35W. As far as software is concerned, the Russian laptop is compatible with Astra Linux or Alt Linux operating systems.

The manufacturer will make available two versions in different materials. One more traditional in aluminum alloy and another in titanium alloy.

The first units of the Bitblaze Titan BM15 will be produced in the coming months and will be around 1,000 copies. The target audience for these computers are Russian government customers and companies. In terms of values, these notebooks will cost between 100,000 and 120,000 Russian rubles, around 1,505 and 1,807 euros in a direct conversion at the current rate.

You can learn more about the Bitblaze Titan BM15 here.

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