Brazilian luxury yacht is made with materials used in rockets

Deepak Gupta February 5, 2022
Updated 2022/02/05 at 1:12 AM

Being produced in a factory in Itajaí (North Coast of Santa Catarina), the new luxury model of the yacht Azimuth 74 It has materials used in the manufacture of rockets. with the price of BRL 23 million, the Brazilian vessel is manufactured by the world leader in luxury yachts, the Italian brand Azimut Yachts. The newest version of the Model 74 contains new styling, more volume and better space utilization.

At 23 meters long, the yacht has had its entire old interior renovated, providing new furniture, lighting and handcrafted furniture. The model also had design collaboration with Stefano Righini for the exterior. The main material used for the construction of the vessel is the 100% pure carbon fiberwhich is mainly used in rockets and racing cars.

See some photos of the boat in the post below:

The interior of Azimut 74

Changing the layout and decoration of the interior of the yacht from the regular version, the furniture of the new model is covered in ivory and noble woods, in addition to the lighting, which is composed of lamps built into the ceilings, on the rods and in the furniture of the boat.

According to Francesco Caputo, CEO of Azimut Yachts, carbon fiber used collaborates in 30% weight reduction of transport in relation to other versions made with fiberglass, emphasizing that with the material, the company’s design team was able to adapt the Azimut 74, allowing the owner to carry more luggage/volumes and have more space during the tours.Azimut 74 (Image: Reproduction/Azimut Yachts)

The yacht’s new adaptation also allows passengers to move freely everywhere. One of the highlights is the main deck, which is leveled and has no steps, featuring three divided areas: relaxation, food and pilotage. The vessel also has a room equipped with home theater, bathrooms, four cabins and panoramic windows

“For the new version of the 74, the elements that drove the development of this new project paid close attention to its proportions. The construction techniques combined with the design resulted in an interior with a lot of personality while maintaining elegant and sporty exterior lines”, concluded Caputo.


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Via: ND More Source: Azimut Yachts

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