Building energy efficiency: Zero wants support changes

Deepak Gupta July 17, 2022
Updated 2022/07/17 at 9:55 PM

THE ZERO analyzed and recommended improvements to national support for energy efficiency in the residential sector (Programs to Support More Sustainable Buildings- PAE+S II and Vale Eficiência- VE (aimed at combating energy poverty)) supported by the Environmental Fund, managed by the Ministry Environment and Climate Action.

In conclusion, Zero considers that there should be more support.

Energy efficiency: There are still 37 thousand applications under evaluation

ZERO considers that programs to support energy efficiency in buildings are on the right track, but they are still insufficient and the current model needs improvement. The transformation of the building stock is demanding and it is necessary to have ambition when it is recognized that more than 70% of buildings are not energy efficient, that is, almost all Portuguese buildings should be renovated. It is a crucial investment and one that will have an extremely relevant impact on society.

The analysis included a set of areas (Communication, Application process and platform, market connection, Notice Implementation Mode, Eligibility Criteria, Intervention Typologies, Limit Value and Contribution Rates, Increase in Contribution), whose specific recommendations are up shared below.

The environmental association defends that "priority should be given to buildings prior to 1990" and the promotion of collective self-consumption to the detriment of the individual, never excluding the latter.

ZERO proposes the reduction of fees to a value below 85% in order to reach more beneficiaries and the review of the specific contributions of each measure in order to cover more people, but admits to increase the same if the beneficiary meets pre-defined strategic requirements. -determined (in case of being in a certain geographic area, applications for condominiums and multi-family buildings, Climatic Zone and Certificate).

The support program closed with 106,000 applications and a financial reinforcement of over 66 million euros compared to the initial allocation of 30 million euros. There are still 37 thousand applications awaiting validation.

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