BUPi: How to locate and register family land for free

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta June 23, 2022
Updated 2022/06/23 at 8:16 PM

Why is it important to register my properties? And how can I do it for free? These are some of the questions that usually inherited land owners ask and the answer is just a click away.

Currently there are about 6 million lands without a legally registered owner. Learn how to register (it is temporarily free) on the BUPi platform.

Taking advantage of today's tip Savings Accounts, we show you how you can locate and register family land for free. Being information, the Portuguese State does not know who owns more than 90% of agricultural land.

BUPi: Register your lands simply and for free

BUPi (Balcão Único do Prédio) is a platform aimed at owners of rustic and mixed buildings, which allows you to map, understand and value the Portuguese territory, in a simple and free way. It started in 2017 as a pilot project in 10 Municipalities. After its success, it is now being expanded to the whole country.

Owners of properties located in municipalities adhering to the BUPi can join for free – see cities here. The location of properties can be carried out by the interested party, via online, or at a BUPi branch, in person, with a qualified technician. If you locate and identify the boundaries of your property online, the process is forwarded to a technician, who will verify the information's compliance.

Easily identify your properties online

To start the online process, you need to have your Citizen Card or Digital Mobile Key (CMD) with you and gather all the documentation about your property:

Mandatory documents:

  • Citizen Card (or Identity Card and NIF);
  • Building book with the number of the matrices or information for consultation on the Finance Portal;
  • If the interested party is represented – Simplified Power of Attorney model BUPi or formal, which proves the legitimacy of the promoter to initiate the RGG procedure.

Then, to register your lands, just access here. You can consult processes or make a sketch. Indicate the Municipality, Parish, Matrix No. and nature of the Matrix.

It should be noted that the registration of land in the finances is not enough to guarantee the protection of your property rights. For this you need to register at the Land Registry Office, which will be free of charge when you present the location of your property, obtained through BUPi.

Knowing the limits and ownership of properties is essential for the municipality to be able to plan and manage its territory, thus guaranteeing its sustainable development and valorization and the quality of life of its citizens. With the knowledge acquired, more value can be created for communities.


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