Businessman arrested is suspected of defrauding people by selling machines

Deepak Gupta June 1, 2022
Updated 2022/06/01 at 5:16 PM

The Judiciary Police, through the Northern Directorate, recently identified an individual for the alleged continued practice of qualified fraud crimes.

According to information from the authorities, the businessman is suspected of receiving money from the sale of used machines that he advertised online and that he never got to send to buyers, the police announced today.

According to the PJ, the defendant used the name of companies he owns, published advertisements on international specialized websites for the sale of used machinery and equipment, at prices below market value, then establishing negotiation via online or by telephone with the interested in the purchase and issuing the respective payment invoice.

The buyers, believing in the veracity of the business, proceeded to transfer the agreed amounts, ending up not receiving any machine or obtaining a refund of the payment made.

Like this modus operandithe defendant managed, over the years, to obtain several tens of thousands of euros, in Portugal and in other countries.

The 55-year-old detainee, a businessman, with a criminal record for the same type of crime, was present at the first judicial interrogation, having been given the coercive measure of obligation to stay in the house.

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