“Cabin” on the moon found by Chinese rover was just what everyone expected

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 7, 2022
Updated 2022/01/07 at 10:27 PM

Do you remember the “cabin on the moon” found by rover gives CNSA, chinese space agency, through a photo far from the original object, with not very high quality and that made the Internet get in an uproar? Because, after almost a month, finally the Yutu rover 2 arrived at the place of such hut. And it was just what the skeptics expected: a big nothing much shaped like a stone.

CNSA played with lunar hut

In the blog Our Space, of the own chinese space agency, the team joked that the structure could be an abandoned spacecraft or an alien base used for stops on interplanetary travel. Unfortunately the reality is far more dull than science fiction (unless science fiction is a post-apocalyptic event, because it’s not cool to live in these universes), and the Yutu rover 2 traveled—slowly—100 meters to photograph the stone. THE CNSA did he really need to take his space jeep to that spot? Probably yes. After all, the dark side of the moon is poorly studied and Yutu 2 it’s the first human object to land on the site, so there’s a lot to know about the geology of the site.

First image shows a panoramic view of the “hut” region. In the second image we see a zoom in the cabin itself. Source: Disclosure/CNSA.

The delay in covering the 100 meters is due to the fact that Yutu 2 be solar powered and the dark side of the Moon only receives two weeks of sunlight. Which is basically a day on the moon. In other words, it’s been two weeks since the rover it stays off, not receiving energy to move. And if that wasn’t enough, he moves slowly and chinese space agency need to be careful with the lunar surface, which in addition to being irregular has several craters. What government would waste millions of dollars on reckless driving a vehicle that cannot be fixed? However, Yutu 2 it arrived at its destination much faster than previously announced. THE CNSA I expected it to take two months.

Now that the mysterious hut was discovered, Yutu 2 can continue exploring the dark side of the moon. Go, Yutu 2! The time is gone, the song is over!


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