Can cell phones cause brain tumors? Researchers already have the answer

Deepak Gupta April 18, 2022
Updated 2022/04/18 at 4:11 PM

We often hear that the radiation emitted by mobile phones is so harmful that it can result in brain tumors. Taking into account these statements, researchers have focused their attention on this matter, in order to understand whether it is confirmed or not.

A new study provided more answers and reinforced what previous investigations had already realized.

In a recent study, a group of researchers monitored the health of over one million women in the UK. From the analysis of the results, the researchers realized that there is no increased risk of brain tumors in mobile phone users, compared to those who have never used one.

The results were published in Journal of the National Cancer Instituteand detected by researchers from the Oxford Population Health and gives International Agency for Research on Cancer.

These results support the accumulating evidence that cell phone use under normal conditions does not increase brain tumor risk.

revealed Kirstin Piriefrom the Cancer Epidemiology Unit at Oxford Population Health and one of the study's authors.

Brain tumour

For Jessica Jonesassistant professor of oncology at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston and Memorial Hermann Health System in Houston, this study is important because it dispels some myths that have been created.

The world experienced a peak in cancer cases between 1975 and 1992. In addition, brain cancer cases increased from 1995 to 2008. According to the professor, this increase could have been caused by some trends detected at the time, namely the use of cell phones. However, she assured that "this study looked at so many patients that we can be sure that cell phones do not cause brain cancer."

Limitations of the brain tumor study would need to be explored

The researchers who carried out the study underlined the limitations of their results. This is because it is not clear whether the risks associated with the use of cell phones are different in those who use cell phones for a longer time than the individuals studied.

After all, in the study, 18% of users reported talking on their cell phone for 30 minutes or more per week. However, children or adolescents were not analyzed, whose time dedicated to the mobile phone will be considerably higher. Still, there are studies that focus on the link between brain tumors and cell phone use by these age groups, and the results do not reveal any worrying trends.

Joachim Schüz, lead author of the study

Joachim Schüz, lead author of the study

Although the results do not point to a correlation, Joachim Schuz, the study's lead author, advised mobile phone users to reduce "unnecessary exposure" as a form of prevention. More than that, and regardless of the causes, in the United States, one in every 100,000 men or women will be diagnosed with brain cancer.

In fact, for Jessica Jones, there are several factors to consider; unusual daily exposures that may be associated with an increase in brain tumors should be considered. In the case of mobile phones, “almost everyone has them or uses them”, and, for that reason, it is a common daily exposure.

The professor advises people to take “30 minutes a day to walk”, despite the results of the study, and that the best thing to do for health is to put down your cell phone and bet on exercise.

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