Can you cancel a communications service free of charge once it has been installed?

Deepak Gupta August 11, 2022
Updated 2022/08/11 at 2:51 PM

In the area of ​​communications, operators try to “seduce” customers by offering the best prices and services. In this business segment, it is very common for services to be contracted remotely or door-to-door.

But after installing a communications service, is it possible to cancel it free of charge? Know the answer.

Communications services can be canceled free of charge...

Contracts concluded at a distance, by telephone or over the Internet, and contracts concluded at your home through an agent door-to-door, can be canceled, free of charge and without having to give a reason, within 14 and 30 daysrespectively (right of free resolution or repentance).

The period for exercising this right (known as the right of free resolution) to cancel the communications service is 12 months, if the operator has not informed the consumer, before the conclusion of the contract, about the existence of the right of free withdrawal and the conditions for its exercise. If, however, the operator informs the consumer of this right, the period will again be 14 consecutive days, now counted from the day the consumer received the information.

According to ANACOM, if you want the service to be installed before the end of that period and there is an obligation to pay, the operator must require you to:

  • submit an express request to that effect, on a durable medium (eg paper, USB stick, CD);
  • acknowledges that if the contract is fully performed, it loses the right of free termination.

Can you cancel a communications service free of charge once it has been installed?

If you exercise the right of free resolution after having made this request for cancellation of the communications service, you are obliged to pay the operator an amount proportional to what was actually provided up to the time of its communication, in relation to the set of services provided for in the contract. .

You will not be obliged to pay this amount to the operator if:

  • you have not been informed about the conditions for exercising the right of free termination of the contract; or
  • has not requested the installation of the service during the free resolution period.

These rules only apply to communications contracts concluded with consumers, that is, natural persons who use the service for non-professional purposes.

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