Car manufacturers are already receiving chips and normalizing production

Deepak Gupta June 7, 2022
Updated 2022/06/07 at 10:23 PM

As we followed, the global chip crisis did not spare the industries and, for many months, the manufacturers lived in an impasse. Now, some companies are receiving semiconductors to regulate, as soon as possible, their activity.

The crisis is showing the first signs of slowing down.

The pandemic has sparked a worrying chip crisis that, directly or indirectly, has hurt industries. Over the course of two years, they saw the production of their supply being interrupted or slowed down, without being able to do anything to solve the problem. As a result of production stoppages, semiconductor shortages have delayed deliveries and left many consumers, and even manufacturers, on hold.

Now, the crisis seems to be slowing down, as there are already manufacturers receiving semiconductors to resume their normal production. The novelty comes from Germany, where some companies are already managing to supply themselves with components. This means that they can now resume production.

Although the forecast for the end of the chip crisis pointed to the end of this year, or to 2023, the current economic situation has reduced the demand for consumer electronics products that share components with the automotive industry - this in turn, saw the seeks to increase.

We're still monitoring week after week, but so far basically worldwide, we've had no problems managing production.

Said Joerg Burzerhead of production and supply chain management at Mercedes, revealing that supply problems occur sporadically and are not comparable to those experienced last year.

Joerg Burzer, head of production and supply chain management at Mercedes

Joerg Burzer, head of production and supply chain management at Mercedes

Likewise, BMW was also optimistic, with a spokesperson sharing that the situation “is a little more stable”, that its factories are running and that there are no interruptions due to lack of chips. However, the same source guarantees that the company is attentive and has monitored the possibility of further interruptions.

Unlike Mercedes and BMW, Volvo Trucks says it continues to be a victim of chip shortages.

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