Catherine Zeta-Jones becomes a treasure hunter for Disney+

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 8, 2022
Updated 2022/02/08 at 2:57 PM

Catherine Zeta-Jones (52) will succeed Nicolas Cage (58). According to Deadline, the Oscar winner plays a leading role in the series offshoots of the adventure films “The Legacy of the Knights Templar” (2004) and “The Legacy of the Secret Book” (2007).

Lisette Alexis (22) has already been cast as the main actress in the series that is being created for the Disney+ streaming service. The newcomer plays Jess Morales, a young immigrant who sets out to trace her family history – and in search of treasure.

Tough billionaire and treasure hunter

Catherine Zeta-Jones stars as a badass billionaire and black market antiques specialist, opposite Alexis. She has worked her way up from a penniless orphan to a businesswoman. She also wants the treasure that has personal meaning to her.

The series from the “Legacy” universe will consist of ten episodes. Director is the Indian-born filmmaker Mira Nair (64, “Monsoon Wedding”). The producer is Jerry Bruckheimer (78), he also produced the films with Nicolas Cage.

The “Legacy” universe is growing

“The Knights Templar” starring Nicolas Cage was a surprise hit for Disney in 2004. The sequel “The Legacy of the Secret Book” followed in 2007. A third part has been in the planning for some time. The franchise, which was originally called “National Treasure”, is supplemented by a series of books.

The story of the series is not directly related to the films, but is intended to be a reinterpretation of the story. Like the role models, however, it should work with references to real (pan-)American history. Only with a contemporary focus on migration. There is no release date for Disney+ yet.


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