Caviar launches luxury editions of Galaxy S22 with gold and titanium and starting price of R$ 33 thousand

Deepak Gupta February 22, 2022
Updated 2022/02/22 at 4:21 PM

While Samsung and Lacoste have partnered to launch protective cases for the new Galaxy S22 smartphonescustomization company Caviar has gone a step further, announcing true luxury editions of the handsets.

Available this week on the brand’s website, these versions bring Significant changes to the design of the Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultramade with noble materials, such as 24 carat gold and titanium.

The collection was unveiled in six different designs, which are: Bird of Prey, Ocelot, Drive, Great Gatsby, Victoy and Titanium. All of them can be applied to the S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra models, in versions from 128 to 512 GB of storage.

pure ostentation

Starting with the Bird of Prey edition, Caviar promises a Samsung Galaxy S22 in a combination with 24k gold plated coating, metal alloy used in jewelry and crocodile leather dyed beige, used in the lower portion of the device. Production is limited to 99 units and costs US$ 6,910 (equivalent to about 35 thousand reais) on the 128 GB Ultra model:

S22 Caviar

The second and more expensive version is the Ocelot. Starting from US$ 7,140 on the S22 Ultra model (more than 36 thousand reais)it stands out for its use of 24k gold, but this time combined with laser-etched, high-adhesion PVD titanium to cover the entire underside of the device, bringing a unique design and aesthetic based on the Chrysler Building:

S22 Caviar

For those who prefer a Art Deco look, the Great Gatsby model makes use of 24k gold and titanium, but this time with geometric lines covering the rear of the S22. The three-dimensional engraving pattern is inspired by the 1920s and 1930s, striving for sophistication. The price starts from $6,370:

S22 Caviar

More aggressive visuals

Continuing through the tour, we have the Drive version, clearly inspired by motorsport and in sports cars. It replaces gold with industrial-grade carbon fiber, while retaining PVD titanium details with embossing that hark back to the automotive industry.

S22 Caviar

The Victory version resumes the crocodile leather, this time in black, leaving the highlights on account of the reinforced titanium finish, with “V” strips:

S22 Caviar

Lastly, Titanium bets heavily on the metallic look, again with a reinforced finish and a color that combines silver and black. This is one of the “cheaper” versions of caviar, with prices starting at around $6,000.

S22 Caviar

Galaxy S22 – Specifications

According to the company, all luxury versions of the S22 are limited to “only 99 units”, in view of its high price and the materials used. In case you are interested in the new Galaxy S22 but not the deluxe versions made by Caviar, access the article below and check the normal launch prices of smartphones in Brazil:


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