Cell phone updates will soon be chargeable? A manufacturer starts with that

Deepak Gupta January 6, 2022
Updated 2022/01/06 at 6:10 PM

Manufacturers of smartphones have to provide updates for three generations. These include, for example, the Android operating system, but also special security patches for the respective devices. Most developers do not have a fourth year of support. Nokia now wants to tackle this problem – but not for free. For a Mobile phone update you have to pay from the beginning of the optional period.

Android mobile phone: update from Nokia soon to be paid for?

Previous security patches will of course remain free. So if you buy a new Android phone from Nokia, you will continue to receive updates free of charge for three years. But if you want to receive the next mobile phone update, you have to pay 24.94 euros, according to Nokiapoweruser. The company should now test this with the Nokia X10 and the X20.

The Finnish manufacturer had already brought some variation to its patch periods. For example, the Nokia XR20 will be supplied with any mobile phone updates for four years anyway. Other smartphones such as the X10 and X20 previously had to be content with just three years.

Retailer leaks info

In its reporting, Nokiapoweruser refers to two new entries from the Finnish retailer CompuSat. This has added two new products to its database. These are the “4th Year Security Patch” for the Nokia X10 and for the Nokia X20. In the meantime, both entries with the note “The product is no longer in our database” have been removed.

As Nokia has not yet issued an official press release on this subject, we can assume that the entries were inadvertently published too early. So your Android phone may have to wait a little longer for the new patch.

Sources: Nokiapoweruser; CompuSat

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