CES 2022: face-to-face edition return is emptied, see photos

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 7, 2022
Updated 2022/01/07 at 4:42 AM

Vaccination growing around the world (not so much in the United States), better health control and decreasing Covid-19 cases were positive signs for CES 2022 and companies participating in the fair. However, at the end of November 2021 the WHO warned of the emergence of a concern variant of the coronavirus. AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Facebook and Google were some of the companies that canceled attendance at the event.

Proof of vaccination, masks and tests at CES 2022

Even with these measures mentioned in the title of this topic, which are fundamental measures to prevent the spread of the virus, most of the public from CES 2022 did not appear. And of the companies that appeared, some preferred to exhibit their products in a disappointing way, as was the case with LG and its gigantic stand with QR codes for fair attendees to see the product through augmented reality. Check the stories from the Connected World the Jacson Boeing showing the LG stand. The situation is that with big names outside the CES 2022 in person, many journalists and other participants preferred to return with “Stay at Home”.

Come on: wouldn’t it be much nicer to see what the Facebook would have to show your products to the metaverse? It’s not “fuzzy” to arrive at a giant stand from LG and see only QR codes and no live 98-inch TV? Now check out some photos taken by Wikerson Landim straight from CES 2022.

See now the photo of the Hall of CES 2019

Source: Derrick Story

Reports from participants at CES 2022

Heather Delaney played with the fact that CES 2022 be empty. Delaney says this will be the first time in her career that she has been able to sit in a chair at the fair

In the case below, the participant reports that the bus ESC that makes the route between the fair and an exclusive point left her at her own destination because she “all the passengers were going there”. In this case, there was only her on the bus.

To understand with the space of the LG it’s disappointing, see this video showing the giant “stand” to display products via QR codes


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