Change internet provider: With o2 you save up to 240 euros

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 12, 2022
Updated 2022/01/12 at 11:57 AM

One thing shouldn’t happen again in the New Year: get annoyed about a slow internet connection. Anyone who has decided to change the Internet provider should take a closer look at the current promotions of o2. At the turn of the year, the new o2 offer for DSL, cable and Home Spot new customers promises savings of up to 240 euros. We reveal whether a switch to CO2 is worthwhile.

Switch to CO2 and save money

Are you annoyed by your slow internet connection and can you finally get out of your contract thanks to the new telecommunications law? Then it is now worthwhile to switch to the CO2 tariffs. Whether for home office, gaming or streaming – without a fast and reliable internet connection you can be upset pretty quickly these days.

At the turn of the year, o2 brought out exactly the right offer: As a new customer, you can save up to 240 euros when signing a contract for a new DSL or cable Internet connection. You don’t need to worry about the monthly follow-up costs either, because these are also low and allow you to continue surfing in a relaxed manner.

That’s how strong the new CO2 deals are

If you are a new customer at o2 or apply for a change of contract, you save a whopping 120 euros (10 monthly installments of 12 euros each). There’s even more to it if you’re interested in the high-speed package o2 my Home XL with up to 250 Mbit. Here the price reduction rises to 240 euros. The monthly costs are then in the first year at only 24.99 euros instead of 44.99 euros. Other advantages of the o2 tariffs include:

  • Unlimited data volume (DSL, cable & HomeSpot)
  • Flat-rate telephone to the German landline network (DSL, cable & home spot)
  • Download speeds up to 250 Mbit / second (DSL & cable)
  • Upload speeds of up to 40 Mbit / second (DSL, cable & HomeSpot)
  • Zero Euro connection price (HomeSpot)

Change Internet provider: It’s that easy

The assumption that changing providers is complicated and tedious no longer applies these days. Often times not even a technician has to come by when changing provider or connecting to the Internet via cable and DSL. It is sufficient to plug in the systems on the connection day and you can start surfing. If the new Internet connection is running, the full range of options can be used from day one.

Gone are the jerks in the video conference. Downloads of more than 30 gigabytes are also completely downloaded in around a quarter of an hour on high-speed Internet. If the technician does have to come by, he knows exactly what he has to do and will expose all connections in the shortest possible time. The o2 deal is not only worthwhile for the wallet, but above all for the reliable and fast internet connection.

You didn’t notice the changes in the Telecommunications Act? Here you can find out what it’s about. DSL or cable? We’ll tell you what the difference is in detail.

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