Cheapest electricity bill for families with children is €87.11

Deepak Gupta May 25, 2022
Updated 2022/05/25 at 12:31 PM

Do you pay a lot of electricity bill? With the war between Russia and Ukraine, prices for various products and services have skyrocketed. Energy is one of these services, and the Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços Energéticos (ERSE) recently revealed the cheapest service for families with children.

Goldenergy and Endesa are currently the only suppliers with lower electricity prices than the regulated market.

According to the Energy Services Regulatory Authority, through its most recent Bulletin of Commercial Electricity Offersa couple with two children who are currently looking for the cheapest electricity tariff on the free market will pay an invoice of 87.11 euros per month, with Goldenergy's Monoelétrico ACP 2022 tariffs.

In second place for this type 2 consumer defined by ERSE comes Endesa with its e-light&gas tariff. The monthly fee is 93.97 euros.

Combining electricity and gas (dual offers), Goldenergy remains the cheapest (114.86 euros per month), being the only one with the lowest price than the regulated one (117.84 euros), reveals Jornal de Negócios.

Cheapest electricity bill for families with children is €87.11

Electricity bill for couples without children and large families (cheaper service)

Regarding a couple without children, that is, a type 1 consumer, ERSE reveals that there are only two suppliers that present a more competitive price than the regulated tariff: GoldEnergy with a value of 35.68 euros/month, which corresponds to a 6% discount and a monthly savings of 2.39 euros compared to the regulated price; and Endesa, with 37.86 euros per month, 1% less than the 38.07 euros monthly in the regulated market.

For electricity and gas, this customer pays 49.52 euros with Goldenergy in the monthly bill and 50.47 euros in the regulated one.

For a larger family (type 3 consumer, four children): in the top 3 is GoldEnergy with 188.86 euros/month (7% discount and a monthly savings of 14.07 euros compared to the regulated tariff"; Endesa, with 198.68 euros monthly and the regulated market with 202.93 euros.

Combining electricity and natural gas, a family with more children will pay €247.44 a month with Goldenegy and €248.93 if they revert to the regulated tariff, which is still possible.

Cheapest electricity bill for families with children is €87.11

In according to the ERSE simulator, companies such as EDP Comercial, Galp Power or Iberdrola, and other smaller suppliers, all have more expensive prices.

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