China and Taiwan are hiring talent from Europe for their chip factories

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta June 23, 2022
Updated 2022/06/23 at 11:07 AM

We are currently witnessing a growing focus on the technology chip sector. And none of this is surprising, as this has always been a growing segment that looks for the latest innovations in order to offer the best products to the market.

In this sense, the latest information indicates that the industry in China and Taiwan is attracting talent from Europe, namely from Spain and Italy, to hire them for their chip factories.




The chip industry has always played a significant role in the technological world. However, after the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a greater awareness of this same importance as the planet drastically realized what can happen when this industry stops or reduces its activity on a large scale.

In this way, there are several recent news that clearly show the commitment that the most powerful companies in this sector have shown to increase the quantity and quality of their products.

China and Taiwan eyeing European workers for chip factories

This same growth obviously requires more manpower, that is, an increase in the hiring of specialized workers in order to guarantee the best possible quality. And according to the most recent informationthese vacancies are being largely filled by talent from Europe, specifically from Spain and Italy, which are currently the main countries supplying workers to chip factories in these countries.

Currently, Taiwan is trying at all costs to retain the talent coming out of its universities. There are even data that indicate that several university students have already signed contracts even before finishing the course.

The search for European talent is also being boosted by the growing tension between China and Taiwan. As such, it is indicated that the Taiwanese capital Taipei has reacted to the transfer of workers between the two countries with a threat, saying it will prosecute anyone who helps transfer people with chip experience to mainland China.

With this open war, Spain and Italy are seen as two powers with regard to the supply of highly specialized engineers and technicians, motivated and willing to join and work in a leading company in the chip sector.

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