China bans streaming of video games that are not government-approved

Deepak Gupta April 17, 2022
Updated 2022/04/17 at 8:30 AM

China is a real power on many levels, and it’s nothing new for anyone who has a fundamental importance in the technological segment. But we also know that the Asian country has some stricter rules under which it guides its conduct in different situations.

Thus, according to the latest information, China has now banned the transmission via streaming of video games that have not been approved by the country’s government.

Streaming games not approved by China are prohibited

According to information revealed by Daniel Ahmad, a video game industry analyst, China has always adopted a stance in which titles are required to be licensed through the country's official regulatory authorities before being distributed or broadcast in the Asian country.

However, the country did not always apply this same requirement, letting the publication of some games pass through their fingers, such as the Elder Ring, from the creator FromSoftware. This game is not officially approved for sale in China, but it managed to make its presence felt on some platforms, such as Huya, equivalent to Twitch.

But China is now looking at this issue in a more assertive way and intends to ban and prevent the streaming of any game that has not been expressly approved by the country's authorities.

According to Ahmad, this means that "unless your game is approved by the National Radio and Television Administration, it will be very difficult to gain visibility through live streaming, short videos, advertisements or other platforms and channels".

Thus, it is expected that some bonds may suffer the consequences of this tighter siege, unless they regularize their situation in accordance with the demands of the Chinese government.

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