China will certify influencers to be able to share professional content

Deepak Gupta June 25, 2022
Updated 2022/06/25 at 2:02 PM

In times of crisis, many experts appear on social media. To control the information that is passed through the platforms, China will regulate the sharing of professional content by influencers.

For this, the country will award certifications.




With the ease of access to information intensifying, it is not difficult to increase knowledge in various areas. However, this is not specialized and does not always guarantee legitimacy to give an opinion or to clarify other people. As they have a very large impact on the agenda and public opinion, the opinions and information released by influencers need to be considered and, in China's perspective, regulated. After all, according to TechCrunch68% of the Chinese population depends on the Internet.

According to a report, authorities in China will begin to require online influencers to have certifications in the areas they communicate about. That is, before sharing any financial, medical, or other specific advice, they need to have a license that proves the legitimacy of the information being transmitted.

Effectively, China has been moderating digital content over the last few years. This time, the government wants what information influencers share is controlled.

According to a recent report by the fortune, for regulators to determine if the influencer is qualified in a certain area, they will do a series of assessments. That way, they will understand if you are eligible to share medical, financial, or any other area of ​​expertise information.

TikTok is currently the most used platform and there are industries such as gaming that benefit from this popularity. Among the live streams that the application hosts daily, many are influencers teaching viewers how to earn money, for example. Whether or not they have the legitimacy to do so… that's what China wants to guarantee.

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