Chinese vendors start shipping Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 graphics next month

Deepak Gupta July 28, 2022
Updated 2022/07/28 at 1:12 PM

We are almost close to knowing the new graphics cards that Nvidia is preparing for the hardware market, but so far, much of the information revealed is rumored and leaked by people directly connected to this industry.

But there are now some more details released and according to the latest information, Chinese manufacturers will start shipping the first units of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards as early as next August.




First GeForce RTX 40 GPUs May Arrive in China in August

According to latest reports revealed by Ilya Korneychuk, who represents the Russian channel PRO Hi-Techa Chinese graphics card vendor is expected to start shipping the first units of Nvidia's new GeForce RTX 40 lineup in mid-August.

This information is therefore the most recent related to the possible shipments of the new graphics cards of the North American brand. However, many stores currently want, first of all, to be able to sell the models of the current generation GeForce RTX 30, which has been in short supply for several months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but not only. It's just that, when they start receiving the first RTX 40 graphics, stores will have a greater difficulty selling the previous generation models.

As has been said several times, it is estimated that the first model of Nvidia's new range of GPUs to hit the market will be the top of the range GeForce RTX 4090. RTX 30 stock is more sold out, which should only happen in 2023, when the market should receive the GeForce RTX 4060.

From what is known, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 will feature the GA102-300 graphics chip with 16,384 CUDA cores. Other rumors indicate that this model may be able to reach a frequency of 2,750 MHz and that it should be 90% faster than the current RTX 3090.

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