Christian Tramitz: This is his favorite “Hubert without Staller” episode

Deepak Gupta January 12, 2022
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The early evening police series “Hubert und Staller” (since 2011), which has been called “Hubert without Staller” since the farewell to “Johannes Staller” – played by Helmfried von Lüttichau (64) – in 2018, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The anniversary season starts today, Wednesday (January 12th, 6:50 pm, the first) and actor Christian Tramitz (66) reveals in an interview with spot on news whether there might be a reunion with “Staller” in the new episodes. In addition, the man from Munich reveals what connects him personally with his role “Franz Hubert” and he tells which fan encounter touched him the most.

Ten years of “Hubert and Staller” or “Hubert without Staller”. What does this anniversary mean for you?

Christian Tramitz: That means a lot to us. When we started shooting, nobody would have thought that we would still be around after ten seasons. The editorial team’s initial reaction was also rather cautious: “It’s funny what you’re doing, but maybe too funny for a crime series,” it said at the time. But we gradually conquered our viewers and we can be proud of that.

Has Helmfried von Lüttichau already congratulated?

Tramitz: No, not directly – even if we are still in close contact. We have had a friendship since our school days. But I’m sure he’s happy for the entire production.

The TV start of “Hubert und Staller” coincides roughly with the start of the also very successful “Eberhoferkrimi” series, in which you speak the audio books. What do you get more interested in?

Tramitz: More like the Hubert role, but maybe that’s because you associate him with me visually, of course. But there are still many who shout “There is the ranger” [seine Rolle im Bully-Film „Der Schuh des Manitu“, 2001, Red.].

And how do you explain the success of Bavarian formats?

Tramitz: The regionality gives the Bavarian formats a certain pep, but also their own level of humor that apparently appeals to many viewers. And Bavarian is still the most popular dialect in Germany.

Will there be a reunion with “Staller” in the 10th season of “Hubert and Staller” or “Hubert without Staller”?

Tramitz: No, unfortunately not. Even though I would think it would be great if “Staller” came back for an episode. He emigrated to Italy in his role. Once over the Brenner Pass, that wouldn’t be enough to turn up again as a guest investigator, for example.

Could “Staller” disappear from the title one day? Are there any plans?

Tramitz: No, as far as I know, there are no plans. I think you shouldn’t change anything, that just creates confusion if you change the title.

What do you personally like most about the character “Hubert”?

Tramitz: He has emotions, but they always come out of the wrong place. I spun the character together in the course of the episodes, and there is a lot of myself in it. Sometimes there is a bit of Christian Tramitz in the social behavior of “Hubert” and sometimes I’m a bit like “Hubert” in my private life. Such a role rubs off on you and vice versa.

Which scene will you remember filming for?

Tramitz: All car journeys with Helmfried von Lüttichau. Since then, my left hand as a passenger has automatically been on the handbrake, he is – and he says that about himself – the worst driver in the world.

What was your personal highlight in the series over the past ten years?

Tramitz: My personal highlight was a very specific episode: Hubert falls down somewhere, is unconscious and builds up a world of thoughts. This creates an episode that takes place in the future ten years later. His fellow patrol car colleague Staller works in the bakery and Hubert brings him back to clarify the case. And police officer Sonja Wirth – played by Annett Fleischer – is now the police chief. It’s a very weird, weird episode.

Which fan encounter did you really touch?

Tramitz: What touches me most is encounters with children who are disadvantaged or sick. I support several associations that strive for the well-being of these children and in the course of this commitment there were some very touching moments.

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