CodeWhisperer: Amazon’s Alternative to GitHub Copilot for Writing Automatic Code

Deepak Gupta June 26, 2022
Updated 2022/06/26 at 5:40 PM

The arrival of tools like CodeWhisperer or Copilot in recent days has shown a new reality for many programmers. These tools allow part of the code to be written automatically and logically.

This Amazon alternative, CodeWhisperer, has now been officially shown and is accessible to everyone. This tool will be an essential help for many and will help you write code in many situations.




Despite being very similar to GitHub's Copilot, Amazon's CodeWhisperer has some differences essential and important. This is a machine learning (ML) based service that helps improve programmers' productivity by providing code recommendations based on natural feedback and previous code.

CodeWhisperer will constantly check programmer code and provide syntactically correct suggestions. It synthesizes the suggestions taking into account the programmer-produced code style and variable names, rather than simple code snippets.

CodeWhisperer Amazon Code Programmers Copilot

Amazon revealed that CodeWhisperer has been trained on millions of lines of code in open source repositories, internal Amazon repositories, API documentation, and online forums. At the same time, Amazon promised not to use code written by programmers to train its ML. This is something the competition doesn't do.

To avoid copyright issues, CodeWhisperer detects whether code recommendations are likely to be similar to specific workout data. It will highlight the original license by generating snippets similar to the existing ones, putting the choice in the programmer's hands.

CodeWhisperer Amazon Code Programmers Copilot

CodeWhisperer will analyze the code in a security prescript (for Java and Python) to help detect vulnerabilities. The service also includes a benchmark evaluator that detects whether a code recommendation can be similar to training data. Additionally, CodeWhisperer empowers programmers to avoid bias by removing code recommendations that might be considered biased and unfair.

The CodeWhisperer trial version is now available for VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm or AWS Cloud9. Also, it currently only supports Python, Java, and JavaScript. It will be free during the trial period. There is still no information on whether there will be costs associated with usage when the final version is released.

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