Colibri Project – intuitive management software with the best tools

Deepak Gupta July 25, 2022
Updated 2022/07/25 at 2:44 PM

Projecto Colibri is a certified management software that addresses the main needs of any company’s commercial area, which has been on the market for about 20 years, with over 10,000 customers.

This software uses JAVA technology, thus being multiplatform, running on Windows, MacOS and Linux, and also multi-database, allowing the software to support various types of databases such as H2, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

O Colibri Project allows you to manage all the main areas of your business in a simple, intuitive and effortless way.

Four versions are available, one of them free, giving companies that are just starting to use an intuitive program with the best management tools and, in this way, benefit from the invoicing software, without having to make an investment.

In addition to the free version, the version LITE where there is no billing limit; the version PLUS which stands out for the automatic communication of invoices and waybills via webservice; and version PRO that allows multi-station, multi-user and multi-company. It is also possible to take advantage of the POS module to simplify use.

This software has all the necessary modules to manage your business.


The Colibri Project allows you to expand the well-known API platform for integration with third parties, with the aim of adapting to other technologies and platforms so that, in this way, you can expand your business through more tools.

API (Application Programming Interface) is a combination of definitions and protocols used in the development and integration of application software.

Online store integration with invoicing software

In addition to connecting to its own software, Colibri allows integration with online stores, thus making it possible to promote your business and save time for you and your company.

Projecto Colibri presents the “e-Commerce Connector”, this tool allows the connection between your Online Store and your Invoicing software Projecto Colibri.

Connector is available for Prestashop and WooCommerce. With these, the Connector can process your orders, invoices, items and customers. The entire execution process can be defined by the customer.

In addition to the two platforms described above, it is also possible to integrate orders from your online store by submitting an XML/CSV file.

Finally, the Colibri Project, through the use of its API, allows a multitude of possibilities that maximize the potential of its software. Integrations can be manual, automatic or through Webservice calls. The Colibri Project team will help to make the integrations and implementations tailored to the client.


In addition to all the features, it is also possible to integrate ATM payments through the IfThenPay entity.

This software allows the generation of ATM references, through this service, and you can configure it by placing the Entity, Sub-Entity and Back-Office key. After that, the Invoice template must be edited so that payment data is displayed. It is also possible to consult all transactions and consult payments through the “ATM” option in the Icon Bar.

Help and technical support

The Colibri Project makes available to all customers the Help Center on the website, where there are several didactic videos, as well as an explanatory manual in the “download”. There is also the possibility to view the videos through the Youtube channel.

All this is covered by a technical support team available from Monday to Friday, which offers remote and telephone technical assistance, in this way you can clear all doubts and ask all the necessary questions.

Technical support allows a quick response to your problems, having several advantages such as configuration and editing of templates and remote and telephone technical assistance, allowing a quick response to your problems.

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