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Deepak Gupta February 5, 2022
Updated 2022/02/05 at 4:55 AM

Ready to get serious about launching a startup? Aspiring entrepreneurs and recent graduates will find all the essential building blocks needed to create a solid foundation for startup success at Ploonge Early Stage 2022. This live, in-person event takes place on April 14 in San Francisco, California.

The full-day Founder’s Summit offers three simultaneous tracks with a comprehensive range of topics that early-stage early founders need to know. What’s more, you’ll hear from successful founders who share their experiences – warts and all – so you get a real sense of what you might find. No hype – just the facts and reassurance that you’re not alone.

Here’s what Chloe Leaaetoa, founder of Socicraft, told us about her TC Early Stage experience:

You learn from industry leaders and seasoned founders – people who have been there and done it. They were genuine and honest about industry expectations. Plus, they shared first-hand accounts, which made them more relatable.

Join your early stage community: Buy a Founder Launch Pass ($199) before they sell out and you’ll save $350. Make an informed decision and read our COVID vaccination policy before purchasing your pass.

Okay, enough tidying up and back to the good stuff. What will you learn at TC Early Stage? Short answer: quite a lot. Expert-led workshops and smaller roundtable sessions address vital topics. Here’s just a taste of what you can expect:

  • Understanding the product’s fit-to-market – and how to find it
  • building your brand
  • Attracting media attention
  • Scaling your customer base
  • Funding, funding and yes, more funding – from unconventional to Series A ways

No FOMO: You can’t participate in every session, but don’t be afraid. You will have access to videos from all sessions when the event is over. You won’t miss a thing!

We are limiting the overall number of attendees to keep this event intimate. You’ll have time to chat with session experts, VCs and founders – and each other. And you’ll have access to CrunchMatch, our AI-powered system that lets you find people who align with your business goals and set up one-on-one meetings on the spot.

Don’t underestimate the power of networking with other like-minded early stage entrepreneurs. You may know someone who would make the perfect co-founder or an engineer who can help you turn your idea into a viable product.

Ploonge Early Stage 2022 takes place on April 14 in San Francisco. Some of the best teachers are people who have paved the way and want to help you benefit from their experience. Buy your TC Early Stage ticket, join their community and get ready to grow your startup.

Is your company interested in presenting its experience at TC Early Stage 2022? Contact our sponsorship sales team filling out this form.

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