Computer Breakdown: Swiss airspace has already reopened

Deepak Gupta June 15, 2022
Updated 2022/06/15 at 2:18 PM

It is not the first time that an airport has had problems because of computer malfunctions. This time it happened in Switzerland, where the airspace was even closed.

The air traffic control service skyguide reported, however, that Swiss airspace has already been reopened.

Air traffic has already resumed in Switzerland

Switzerland has already reopened its airspace which was closed during the early hours of this morning. According to the information shared, a "computer failure", not yet specified, led to the closure of the airspace.

The Swiss air navigation service, Skyguide, initially announced that the closure of the airspace would continue, for safety reasons, "until further notice" and then reported that it was a "computer failure".

According to information from the Swiss authorities, air traffic has already resumed, as has the operation of Geneva and Zurich airports.

Skyguide regrets this incident and the consequences for customers and partners, as well as for all (the inconvenience) it caused to passengers who were at the two national airports.

So far, no further details on the "computer breakdown" have been provided. In recent hours, according to the Swiss news agency ATS-Keystone, international flights to the country were diverted to Milan airport in northern Italy.

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