Confirmed the change on Netflix! You will have an advertising-based subscription plan

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta June 24, 2022
Updated 2022/06/24 at 8:28 AM

Netflix is ​​going through less good times lately, at least in its financial part. The streaming service is losing users and has already managed to identify the causes associated with this problem.

There has been talk several times about the creation of new subscription plans and now the confirmation has come from Netflix itself. The plans are outlined and will soon be a reality, accessible to those who want to pay less to have access to the streaming service.




The last presentation of results, Netflix exposed a new reality of this company. With each passing quarter it loses more and more users and the sharing of accounts within the service is growing and this has harmed the streaming service.

The reason for this increase in the sharing of accounts comes from the prices charged and the users understand that they are high. They want a cheaper solution and this is the one they find, even at the expense of Netflix.

Netflix streaming advertising subscription plan

Netflix's solution may be on the way, as the company's co-CEO, Ted Sarandos, has now confirmed. In an interview given, he revealed that they are already trying to create a new subscription plan and that this will be supported in part by the presentation of advertising.

In order to create this offering, Netflix is ​​now looking for partners to create a more integrated and less disruptive experience than television offers today. Of course, the user will continue to pay, but it will certainly be a lower value than the current ones.

Netflix streaming advertising subscription plan

Ted Sarandos also revealed that this new Netflix plan will not overlap with any of the current proposals. Anyone who wants to continue accessing the streaming service without having advertising present can continue to do so in a normal way, as is the case now.

Something that was not revealed in this conversation with the CEO of Netflix, and probably what was most expected, was the date of availability of this new subscription plan. The latest rumors pointed to its arrival later this year, near the end.

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